JenMegan Wins (DEN)

The LieutenantGeneral never rests. Our latest attendance trick is to give Newbies the positivity award. There is nothing like handing a fresh-faced newcomer a beaten-up piece of wood, and telling them to carry it with them through their weekly routine, and take pictures with it for our Facebook page. We’ve got a 100% return rate on the Newbie Award thus far, and we’re certainly screwed if we lose that Oar Handle. Accounting Extraordinaire, Robin, returned for her second week, brimming with confidence after a week of enlightenment with the stick. She passed the Positivity Oak on to her friend and first timer, JenMegan. For the record, in the excitement of the baton pass, group shot, & 5-high-5s, LieutenantGeneral lost track of JenMegan’s real name. The Lieutenant thinks her name is Jen, the General’s vote is for Megan. Special prize goes to the first to comment below with JenMegan’s real name.

After our workout today (oh yeah about that… we worked with partners for 100/100s of leg tosses & pushups, followed by alternating with our partners on 0.21-mile laps around Civic Center Park with 10-burpees during the rest period), Ally Bell decided that she likes us enough that she wants to hang out with all of you more often. Shit, Ally Bell is gonna plan a happy hour for us all, details dropping soon.

Happy National Running Day from #NP5280,


FUBU FRIDAY 6:15A Cheeseman Park Pavilion (10th & Williams St)

#CCMoves WEDNESDAY 6:15A Capitol Building Stairs (14th & Broadway)

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