May the Fourth Be With You (DCA)

Dudes. Ladies. The fourth was with you this morning, and MAY it be with you all day. Your willingness to DIVE in head first and try something new is RAD. Your coolness with getting dirty in the first dewey-ish summer-ish (we’ll call it spring) grass is AWESOME. (Also prepping you well for a summer straight-up FULL of moisty-hoistees.)


Spring is the perfect time to try something new. DEW something NEW.

If you drive and park at Lincoln on Wednesdays, push yourself and bike or run there. If you commute to work on the metro, but know you could walk home, get out of the smelly metro and soak in the fresh air and sunrise on your way home. (Call your mom cause it’s Mother’s day soon and you’ll get cell service outside, but not on the metro.) If you drive to work and park, park a little further away from work, give yourself a few extra blocks to walk – if it’s a half mile each way you could add in ten miles of walking for the week. Easy. SPRING is also a SUPER AWESOME time of year for a #RUNch. You run during your lunch. WHAT!

Not convinced? Here is a semi-short list of REASONS this is a good idea, NOW:

Reason #1: It’s not SO FUCKING HOT YET, that getting outside for a few extra miles seems sweaty and undoable. (Like, OMG, my poor co-workers do not want to SMELL that I pushed myself a little extra on the commute to work.)

Reason#2: People who don’t like the cold, do like the warm. Build a run-pool, go on a bike date, drag a co-worker out for previously mentioned #RUNch, take the stairs instead of the elevator. (I hope one of you works in the top of the Wash Mon.)

Reason #3: We’re dreaming up stealing workouts from pro hockey players some weird shit for you to try. To get more fit. For more free. Dream something up of your own. We’re cool with suggestions. #fittercity

Reason #4: EVERY mile COUNTS. To win, win, win help a fantastic close-to-our-hearts and in-our-running-community cause. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, it’s called Charity Miles. Super easy, super free. Join team NovemberProjectDC. There are 114 members right now. There are WAY more than 114 of US.

Reason #5: All we do is WIN, WIN, WIN. (THIS JUST IN: BROKE 1,000 MILES in DC.)


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