Marathon Monday at Fort Mason

Marathon Monday is arguably my favorite day of the year. First and foremost, it’s a holiday in Massachusetts (Patriots Day) which means no work. I remember having my mind exploded on my first internship in New York when mid-April rolled around and I realized I didn’t have the day off. Second and secondmost, it’s the greatest footrace of all time, in the greatest city of all time, between the greatest distance runners of today. Sprinkle in 200,000 day drinking college students and 40+ friends to follow diligently on the BAA Athlete Tracker, and you’ve got a recipe for the least productive day of work ever.

So, feeling homesick and jealous of my November Project brethren taking my home state by storm, we decided to bring a little bit of the Boston flavor to Fort Mason this morning. We set up 8 exercise stations representing the 8 major towns the Boston Marathon runs through, all in a line. The route started at the top of the park and ended at the bottom (reminiscent of the Boston Marathon course itself, which we all know to be a net downhill). The exercise stations were as follows:

1.) Hopkington Hopscotch


2.) Ashland Army Crawls


3.) Framingham Flutter Kicks



4.) Natick Ninja Kicks


5.) Wellesley Walking Push-ups



6.) Newton Hills


7.) Brookline Broad Jumps


8.) Boston Burpees


You may notice that ‘Newton Hills’ stands out as the only non-alliterative exercise station. Instead of an exercise here, NPSF-ers took off on a circuitous uphill loop that took them all the way up to the top of Fort Mason, and back down to Brookline.

How’d the workout end? Couldn’t tell you, I left early… as per usual

HUGE CONGRATS to all our Boston Marathon finishers today, you made your tribe proud.

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