I’m a Maniac, Maniac on the floor… (IND)

Grand master rapper Biggie Shaws got the vibes flowin’ this morning with his bounce rhyme:

“April showers, morning hours, gives us powers. Grass keeps growin’, we keep showin’. Flowers bloomin’, always boomin’. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!” At this point the newbies and traverballers were like “umm, what did I just get into…?”. Then came the Boom Hugs.  Which is like a chest bump and a double smack-on-the-back hug, with a “BOOM” real loud next to your ear.  Add that to the official November Project vocabulary, Bookman. Muchas gracias, senor.

#NP_IND threw down our version of an Apex workout today. The tribe was divided into small groups. Each group did an apex circle workout which consisted of two body weight exercises. The first tribe member did one push-up and then planked in place, while the tribe members did a push-up waterfall around the circle. The reps went up to 5, and then the group took off on an #UpAndOver. The second apex circle workout consisted of Maniac Fast Feet and Burpees, followed by an #UpAndOver. The third apex circle workout consisted of Hollow Holds and Russian Twists, followed by an #UpAndOver. The small groups repeated this madness for thirty glorious minutes.

It looked something like this…


  1. #NP_Summit 2016 is scheduled for July 16th in Ontario, Canada. Get your passports, yo! #NP_Summit is the largest annual gathering of all 30 of the November Project tribes. #Epic. On Saturday, we race a trail marathon relay in the Blue Mountains. The tribe will be carpooling and air bnb-ing. We will have race discount codes for you. For now: check out the race website. Get interested. Get training.
  2. Next week is Race Day! We WILL be tagging (weather permitting) and will need paint crew volunteers. Shadreck won the Winner’s Cape last month, with a belated anointment today. Who will win it next?! See you then!!




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