Marathon Monday.

“If you’re reading this, stop reading now. Leave work, get off your butt, and head to Mile 18.

There were approximately 7,000 people at the #DestinationDeck this morning. We did things. None of that matters anymore.

All those people are gonna be at Mile 18. This is what matters.”

So apparently it’s Marathon Monday again according to dumber and dumberer…

Confused?  Yeah we are too.  As C-Payne (Dumb) and I (Dumberer) are still recovering from our post Summit hangover, we thought we would be sneaky, make our brains do a lot less thinking and repeat an oldie (but goodie) workout from Marathon Monday.  People were hyped that day.  No one will remember right?

Well we’ve made mistakes before…

We should have known better that Miss Dana Bogan was in the crowd and would call our asses out.  But to our numb, incoherent brains — this idea was brilliant. We switched it up, added some spice so that we’d have more fun, you’d have even more fun and the ladies waiting to pick up their dog poop would be entertained.  So I elected myself as the “pole” and you guys had to touch me.*  Was I having a blast?!  You bet your tik tok butts I was.  IMG_7430

Yeah this morning was pretty fantastic and Dana, we’ll be doing this workout again.  Please let us bask in our own glory and think the idea is original.

But back to this MARATHON idea for a hot second.  For some, this weekend might have felt like a marathon.  They hype, the FOMO, the running, the partying, the thousands of people social media-ing…  It’s easy (especially for me) to get swept away and bounce back and forth between all of this.  Spending time with my family from Boston, friends from last years Summit and the Summit before that.  But wait, ALL those new people that are here, gotta meet them too!  Weekends like this feel CAN feel like a marathon.  It made me realize a few things about our group, our destinations, our workouts; basically the three hours we get to share with each other every week.  Let’s start taking the most from them.

Here is my takeaway from the weekend.  Take it however you will.  We have the opportunity to hang 3 times a week. You have your friends, you gravitate toward them,  it’s human nature.  But as Erika reminded us in her blog about routines, we sometimes need to consciously break them.  We’ll see friends outside of workouts, we’re able to because they live in the same city (except for our newbie friend that trekked all the way from Providence – yup badass in my book).  It’s time to start looking around when we ask who is new, surround yourself with faces that you don’t know, introduce yourself to strangers.  Rather than race to get 26.2 hugs in 33 seconds, meet 2 , yes TWO new people, ask their name and remember it — then call their asses out when they are sandbagging at section 7.  You get the point.  USE the hour we’re together to expand your knowledge of the tribe.  It’s makes us stronger, it changes their day, it changes your day.  Maybe even your week or your life.  This is my challenge to you on Wednesday.  And Friday.  And next Monday….

I was pretty MIA to a lot of my Boston family this weekend but I consciously made that effort.  I get to see all of your beautiful, sweaty skulls every week.  I was using this time to meet new people and build on older friendships.  I was feeding off their energy for this movement so I could return back home with a renewed, even more powerful love for this tribe.  We’ve got some pretty awesome and inspiring people right here, let’s get to know them better.

For those of you who don’t know, after the first leg of the marathon relay Boston held 1st, 2nd and 4th (we secured 2nd on the podium).  I felt like the proudest dad cheering from the sidelines.  You best believe I was the loudest fucker on the course seeing Boston barreling down the mountain.  I fucking love this city, this tribe and this group of yahoos.






Wednesday: We’re back at the Coliseum.   A lot of people have verballed at summit this past weekend.  We’re going to have a lot of visitors so lets show them how Boston parties.  Don’t miss out on the action.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Ready this Blog by Erika Anderson.  Its hot melting gold.  Read it, like really READ it.  Every-Single-Fucking-Word-Of-It.



*As I said earlier, after all we learned at summit 4.0, we’re trying to be more mature.  Get your mind out of the gutter friends.

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