HYPE from Toronto!

This past weekend, Ashleigh, Eugene, and I ventured to a far-away land they call Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for the North Face Endurance Challenge Series, and the 4th annual November Project SUMMIT.  We joined over 500 individuals (co-leaders and tribe members) from around the world, from New York to Iceland, New Orleans to Calgary, Denver to Worchester, Boston to San Fransisco, Winnipeg to Chicago, and so on and so on.  500+ people all converging because they share 1 thing in common: they all meet up every Wednesday morning (at least!) at 6:29AM to sweat, hug, and lift each other up.  And although many of these people, scattered across 29 cities, were mere strangers, they now share friendship, camaraderie, and unforgettable connection.


It’s interesting, when you meet a tribe member from another city, they may not share all of your same interests, or like the same music, or work the same job, or fit the same mold, but their presence at November Project does tend to say something about them.  For those that truly understand and take full advantage of what NP has to offer, some common qualities are implied.  When meeting a tribe member from another city, one thing is always certain: they believe in positivity, acceptance, accountability, and community.  They welcome you with open arms.  They are gladly your friend before you even go in for the hug.  This weekend I got to see hundreds of strangers turned friends, distant friends reunited, and dozens of new and future tribe members welcomed into the family.  Some were running their first race, some were gunning to win, some were there just to share in the energy and excitement.  The amount of support and love, real, tangible, ground shaking love, was overwhelming.


For those around the world that could not attend this year’s SUMMIT, know you were missed.  And know you didn’t miss the party entirely.  Every day you still have the opportunity to connect with tribe members in other cities, through travel, and through the almighty internet – social media.  Show pride for your city and love your tribe, but know that thousands of people are out there in the November Project universe, ready to share their story, hear yours, and form a bond.  WORLD TAKEOVER is very real, guys.  You’re part of a movement that is undoubtedly shaking this Earth.  I’m proud of you all, writhing with excitement for the future. I’m proud to call November Project San Diego my family.  #bebright



I had trouble writing the blog today.  I wanted to be concise, but there was so much to tell.  I wanted to sum up the weekend, and the impact of the movemnet in a few short paragraphs, but honestly, I’m just not eloquent enough to do it.  What I saw this weekend in Blue Mountain can’t really be summarized with words.  November Project may sound lovely and grand on paper, but to truly understand the impact this movement is having on the world, you need to #justshowup, embrace the community, and discover first-hand what it’s all about.  THIS. SHIT. IS. NICE.




Don’t skip this part:

COSPLAY 5K:  Friday @6:29AM – Embarcadero – behind the Convention Center, by the Friendship Flame, at the bottom of the stairs.  RSPV HERE

This Wednesday:  Balboa Park @6:29AM – Fountain by the Natural History Museum

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  1. That foot stomp clap thing was awesome! really tells you something when you do it by yourself, you pretty much hear nothing….a quiet little tap…but when it’s the whole group it sounds FIERCE!!

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