The Perfect Cure (YEG)

As Andrew planned this morning I am sure that he was thinking, what would be the best welcome home workout for the tribe members who went to summit and also kick the butts of each tribe members who woke up early for a beach workout (which ended up being in a field because the water level rose over the weekend). A little hair of the dog was delivered. Did you know that in ancient times it used to be said that if a dog were to bite you, putting the dog’s hair into the wound would heal it? I’m not so sure about that…Nadim is this what you did when you were biten as a young lad? Anyway…aside from the possible resulting infection I guess using that logic a little physical punishment today would ail the summit hangover some of us were experiencing this morning.
When the warm up for a morning’s workout takes 20 minutes, you know something significant is coming. Today we did a Sebastian (read that link to get the real story about Sebastian) – 7 minutes of continuous burpees. You all rocked it! Make a mental note of how many burpees you did, or write in on the calendar, or carve it into your tree…doesn’t matter how you mark your number just do so, so that the next time we need a little hair of the dog, you can mark your progress!

Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium Gate 2 – 2 start times:

  • 5:30 AM Sharp for those who are going to go full out for 59 minutes to challenge the ol96er (entire stadium – lower & upper bowls…all the gristle)

Ol 96er crew

  • 6AM for a regular NP morning of stairs



  • Emily Murphy Hill – 6AM

Until next time…SMILE! J

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