Manic Monday or Mandy Monday? (YEG)

The Bangles would call it Manic Monday but we’re calling it Mandy Monday!

♪♬ “Six o’clock already
I was just in the middle of a dream run-workout-run
I was kissinhugginValentino tribe members
By a crystal frozen blue brown Italian Edmontonian stream river” ♪♬

And for the chorus…

♪♬ It’s just another an awesome manic Mandy Monday
I’m wish glad it were isn’t Sunday
‘Cause that’s today’s my fun day
My I don’t just have to run day
It’s just another an awesome manic Mandy Monday♪♬

Why Mandy you ask? We had 2 newbies today & both of their names were Mandy! Go figure!

Spring is here and so comes with it the back to basics #destinationdeck in all of its glory! We ran, we did 208 pushups, 208 situps, & 40 burpees, and then we ran again. Sweet, simple, sick workout this morning! Love that sunrise, love that temperature, love the deck, love the tribe…love it all! Spring is obviously in the air…

See you Wednesday morning at the Royal Glenora Stairs…bring a friend…bring a newbie…bring a hibernating tribe member…let’s kill those stairs!!

Oh…and..enjoy singing Mandy (aka Manic) Monday to yourself all day ♪♬

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