Make it FUN

What’s the key to life?

Simple. Make it fun.

What’s the key to fitness?

Same. Make it fun.

In the middle of a Nor’easter in boston when half the city is predicted to be flooding in the next 36 hours, we put on our big kid pants, power up our badassery, and wear our #weatherproof from head to toe. We show up and run hills on Friday morning.

Payne and I might also use my car as a photo shooting blind (like hunters in the woods) to snag Dooster quality shots of you all, while also making goofy-ass videos to send to Capozzi. We had the best time.

And you amazing tribe members who sucked it up to show up? Well some of you figured out how to smile right through the sideways rain and 35mph wind gusts, while others…umm, didn’t.

And today it was fun to run the back hills really hard for a shorter time and then jump in some puddles FOR FUN before the group photo. Fitness can be fierce as fuck, but it can also be really fun too.

No matter what you’re doing this weekend, make sure you have some fun while you do it. We might have a giant storm and super tides and you just might get your feet wet. But that doesn’t have to stop us from running, playing, getting outside, and having whatever kind of fun you want. It’s the key to life.

BE SURE TO SHOW UP FOR #DESTINATIONDECK ON MONDAY! We won’t have pizza, but we will be at a pizzeria…Regina Pizzeria in allston.**NOTE this is an updated location.

FINAL CALL FOR BUFFS: if you want to buy any buffs, one per person, bring $5 cash or be ready to Venmo on M/W/F next week. The weather today cancelled buff sales. Buff sales are not #weatherproof.

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