Lungeon Dungeon + A BIG HAPPENINGS(BOS)

Have you heard the Lungeon Dungeon? If you were at the workout this morning you probably dreaded the Dungeon at first. It seemed like too many lunges, but then oddly fell in love with it because it was your well needed break from wall sitting.

We overheard someone who couldn’t believe he was saying it but was looking forward to the burpees in the workout because it gave him the relief from wall sits.

Isn’t that ironic. The exercises that we’re usually rolling our eyes at are the things we’re looking forward to most. Normally, wall sits would win the popular battle any day over these other exercises except when you’re waiting for you partner to complete an increasing ladder of push-ups, burpees and step-ups. It reminds me that it’s all a matter of perspective. Sometimes might not feel like you’ll have any control over what we’ll throw your way in the workout and SOMEDAYS burpees may be the hardest thing we do. And on those days IT IS the hardest things we do. But what you do have control over is your perspective. So whether it’s remembering a day like today that we could be making you wall sit for a combined 15 min. Or maybe that we could be making you do 14 min min instead of 7. If you can shift your perspective, you shift your day. Period. I truly believe that and today was one of those reminders for me.

NEXT MONDAY: (1/20) We’ll have our regularly schedule Monday 6:30am workout HERE at the free fitness park in Seaport?! what. Yes a free fitness pahrk kihd.


ML6k8 @ 8 :(1/20) Having trouble deciphering what that says?! Let me help you out. We’re having our annual 6k buuuut this time it’s on ice (sk8) at 8am. Yuup. #NPonICE. We’re going to take over the rink at the seaport DIRECTLY after our workout at 8am. More to follow . IF YOU HAVE SKATES PLEASE BRING THEM. We’ll be able to provide skates for those that don’t.

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