Deep Freeze (YEG)

As I drove into the city this morning, it even looked cold! The ice crystals in the air created a natural filter that showcased the city through a chilly haze. It was actually quite beautiful. I felt a little like Elsa exploring beyond the wall (yes, this morning was a little of both – Frozen and Game of Thrones!)

I am sure that I will always find myself in awe of everyone who chooses to show up when they know that the weather will be bitterly cold. Not everyday cold but one-of-the-coldest-places-on-the-planet cold. It’s with great pleasure and pride that I get to award people with their -30 badges. This morning was no different…in fact 2 of our littles even got up early so that they could get their badges. Imagine showing up at school sharing with your teacher that you woke up at 6 AM so that you could run outside for 30 minutes to earn a badge of honour? So awesome! I hope that just like them, you proudly shared with your colleagues, family, or friends about how you showed up for yourself and your community without letting the weather, which is beyond your control, control you! Great job to each of you who kept your body moving by making tracks and completing The Walter!

It looks like Wednesday will be gifting us with similar conditions as today so please make sure you dress and prepare appropriately. One thing I do on our chilliest days is make tea and have it in the car so that post-workout I have a warm beverage to sip as I drive home/to work. I find it helps hold off the deep chill that can sometimes set in on that post-workout drive.

#justshowup 6 AM

  • Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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