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Notes From the Editor:

Amy DK  is a longstanding member of November Project Chicago. Beginning her journey just over two years ago, Amy has never missed an opportunity to show how much the entire November Project community means to her. She loves us SO MUCH that she has donated one of her organs to recruit more people. Yes, she is that BAD-ASS! Now it’s our turn to show our gratitude for this wonder-full woman. Amy, you are amy-azing. You are so much more than amy-eer mortal. You literally can’t do amything wrong. Don’t think we have amy more puns? When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s Amyore! Ok, ok, we’re done. With no further ado, Amy take it away!

Where to start, where to start?  I have tried to write this post a handful of times in my head and cried too many [happy and sad] tears in the process of writing.  This tribe brings out all of the feels inside me, so just going to take a deep breath and go for it!

May 27, 2016 – Third Row, 6th from right, my first November Project Workout!

So to start at the beginning: Hey y’all!  For those that do not know me yet, I’m Amy!  For those of you who do know me: yes I may possibly bring back the glitter shirt for pride month, stay tuned.

Any-who, last week was my two year NP-iversary and as many of you may have seen via the social medias I decided to commemorate with a tattoo that speaks to my spirit [read on to see it].  AKA I mixed together my love of spontaneous travel, NP, story-telling and “jumbled-ideas-that-turn-into-fabulous-outcomes”. From the feedback I have received from NP-ers, my new tattoo is “bad-ass”, “amazing” and has gotten a lot of “fuck yeah! s”.  From feedback I have received by non-NP-ers, they told me I need to hold myself to the quote and some have even been intrigued enough to #justshowup after I use my tattoo as a reason to talk about NP and attempt to recruit them.

To back it up just a bit for those who have not seen, last week I began one of my leg sleeve tattoos starting with all eight city tags I have received from various, random world travel, the date of my first workout and my favorite NP bounce:


I am FIT



I admittedly do not currently own any shorts, so the potential of seeing said tattoo at a workout near you may take a hot second until I find some quality running shorts!  Also I am in the process of planning my next trip and am hoping to bring back some fresh new city tags which will be added to my new tattoo collection!

All of that being said, I am hoping to share a few bits of myself some of you may not know, so I am not merely known as “the girl with the November Project tattoo”.   I like lists because I am a Virgo and life can get a bit messy without a good list.

  1. I moved to Chicago June 1st 2015, which I never thought I would make it even a year here.  Finding my tribe (aka my family away from my family) has kept me here and made me proud of living in this city.
  2. Six months after I moved to Chicago, my best friend who I lived with all throughout college and then lived down the street from me here in Chicago unexpectedly passed away abroad.  Consequentially six months after this happened I went to my first November Project workout. You all have shown, and keep showing me, that you can’t push others away forever. Instead you need to keep going, find your tribe, hug them close and love them hard.
  3. Most people mistake me for an incredibly bold extrovert.  How could any other type of person go on random international trips alone and be able to function, right?  Well popular to contrary belief, I am actually a highly extroverted introvert. The amazing members of our tribe are always challenging me (even if they do not know it) to go outside of my social comfort zones and ditch my social anxiety/awkwardness.  For that I appreciate all of you.
  4. Albeit being a dancer for 15 years when I was younger and always being in a handful of other sports, I had always felt non-athletic, slow and that I could not accomplish any large physical goals.  After finding November Project, I have never felt more strong and proud of my body. I have been crushing some major PRs for myself this past year and can’t wait to keep going!
  5. I speak German and Arabic!  One of my favorite memories/past-times when I was living in Morocco teaching English to children was when I got to haggle with vendors in Arabic at the market.  I also tried an avocado milkshake once whilst there… I highly do not recommend.

Overall, people who get to know me realize that I like incorporating all aspects of my life into each other, because frankly I love when my people love my other people.  Connection is key. Which also just shows how being a part of the tribe ultimately impacts all aspects of my life.

No matter how many “bad” or “down” days I tend to go through, my NP family is always there to support me and takes me in for who I am (a random, partially disorganized, glitter loving, deep loving human).  I appreciate every single one of you. Thank you for accepting me and making me feel welcomed during the hardest time of my life two years ago. Thank you for also continuously being there for me two years later.  Y’all are the best and y’all make me the best version of myself.

I’ll also just take this opportunity to #verbal for every Wednesday and Friday workout (subbing this Friday for the No Coast NP Indy workout) in June.  See y’all soon!



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2 Replies to “Love NP? Gimme Some Skin!”

  1. Great list, Amy! I learned a lot about you. I am glad you worked out on May 27, 2016 and I am glad you continued to #justshowup.

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