Be a change agent (YOW)

Happy Global Running Day.  It also is some weird coincidence that today we ran 6k starting at 6AM and it occurred on the 6th of June which is also the 6 month of the year.  Just kidding, everything we do is intentional.

While running this morning, did you recall the last time you ran 6k and how it felt different from this morning? Was this the first time you ran a 6K? We encourage you to write your time down. Keep a record of how it felt and what the experience was like, you’ll be happy when you look back next 6K and see how far you’ve come. If you keep showing up and moving forward, it will always be hard, but you will be better.

Take a moment to be grateful for how our bodies allow us to move. Happy Global running day. This morning’s movement brought our community together and allowed us to celebrate global running day together. Did this create a positive moment for you? Make sure you tell someone about your morning today. You never know the change you can make in someone else’s life.

Congrats to Seumas and Vicky/Jani for crushing this morning’s 6K, fastest male and females. Thank you for leading by example.

Thank you to all for sharing your morning, your energy and your time with us. READ IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS BELOW!

Here’s to bringing “soles” together,

Liz and Lauren


  1. We are BACK in the STADIUM next WEEK.  Get ready to crush some stairs.
  2. SOCIAL!! Picnic Potluck Social happening next THURSDAY 6:00pm and on meeting spot at Dow’s Lake
  3. Canada Day workout 2.0 at the Supreme Court of Canada JUNE 27th. Bring your neighbour, parents and children.
  4. Buffs are $5!
  5. Bring a friend next week- maybe they need a change in life and you can be the change agent  


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