Lots to Celebrate (BOS)

Things to celebrate today:

  1. We didn’t ask about birthdays after our workout on the hills this morning.
  2. We did ask about anything else to celebrate, and we learned a lot about about a whole bunch of people, including recent and upcoming birthdays that are not on MWF so we wouldn’t get to celebrate them at workouts anyway, vacations, new jobs, old jobs, having 2 brothers, having babies, NPversaries, first ever workouts with NP, and more. We all have a lot going on and it really is valuable to celebrate it. It makes us better as a community when we recognize and acknowledge each other not only as awesome sweaty humans running or climbing stairs next to us, but also as people with lives and challenges and stuff worth celebrating.
  3. The greatest Turkey Trot innovation ever…called “The Rebound.” The basics are that you and a partner use the Turkey Trot route, but one of you starts in the normal direction (toward the back hill) and the other starts in the reverse direction (toward the front hill). At the point in the loop where you meet up again, you high-five and “bounce off” each other. You each turn around and go back as you came…until you meet up again, high-five and “bounce off” each other again. Repeat until time is called, or until you get super lost, and hopefully you get found again! We discovered that some pairs ended up switching places with each other so that they could run the other half of the course, which was pretty smart of them. We’ll consider revisions of the workout for next time. But we promise–like #verbal–it’ll happen again.
  4. MONDAY’S WORKOUT is worth celebrating! It’s at BU Beach, on 9/30 at 6:29am. Definitely be there. Bring your friends and strangers too. We’ll be working out for free and it’ll be amazing. MAP HERE


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