Farewell Commonwealth (YEG)

We truly hang on to that workout longer than we should. Seriously, it’s ridiculously dark in that stadium. Multiple times I looked down and couldn’t see the step, but I knew it was there (and it was), but I couldn’t see it. Also, why was it so windy on the concourse before the bounce?

Anyway, as this season comes to a close, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on some of the crazy, fun and inspiring moments you experienced throughout the summer. Often these things happen so fast, and we forget them by the time we head to work. So, take a moment, think of those moments that stand out for you. I’ll wager a bet that there are more moments that you’d expect.

Anyway, September is almost over which means we are a few weeks away from November, and since it is a special month for us (not sure why), we have some pretty cool things happening that you’ll want to be ready for. We’ll tell you about a few of those in the next little while, but some of them will have to wait until November.

See you Friday at Walterdale!

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