Lost in the Woods (YYZ)

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How do you judge the success of a morning? If it’s based on hanging out with awesome people, this morning was a success. If it’s down to how many high fives and hugs you exchange whilst most people are still asleep, this morning was a success. If there’s a correlation between success and how muddy you are post-run, I did pretty well too. If however, the true measure of a successful morning is down to how many people don’t get lost* whilst running a route in the dark that you planned, this morning was perhaps less of a success.


This was Toronto’s first experience of a Sunrise 6k, and despite the routing issues, I’m going to declare it a success. People showed up bright and early to a difficult location, and they ran hard. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; you guys are F-I-E-R-C-E. The route was never going to be fast – starting up one of the biggest hills in the city, and then finishing through trails in the dark. But boy was it fun! I’ve decided that I need to run more trails in the dark.


So thank you to everyone who came out; to everyone who raced their hearts out; and especially to those who got lost and made the best of it. You are all the best of human beings.


And on that note, I bid you adieu. Happy holidays to one and all. Be kind, be happy, be safe. Enjoy the holidays, and see you on the 30th.

*’Lost’ is perhaps an incongruous word choice – everyone made is back, and no search parties had to be sent out. Turnings were just missed in the dark, but people got inventive and made up the distance on their way back to the finish.

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