This is Lillian, our first Christmas holidays co-leader. Affectionately known as “the Terminator”, Lillian was nominated by McClayton to make sure Paddy doesn’t burn the Tribe down while the American two thirds of the leadership are out East over the holidays. Here’s Lil’s summary of an epic, deck-tastic, stomach-filling Alta Plaza workout. Enjoy it… like all those sweet cookies you earned after each tricep dip rep! Well earned! Take it away, Lil….

‘Twas the night before NPSF, and I was humming “Deck the Halls” to myself as I was wrapping up presents and sipping on mulled wine….and it occurred to me that we should do a card Deck workout. Paddy agreed.

The reindeer, I mean #rungang, pranced into Alta Plaza today with Matt Schaar as the leader of the pack and with a tiny bell on his shoes. There were handfuls of new faces and lots of visitors. Celeste was on break from Med School! Tantek time-traveled from Orlando FL and NYC! Ryan Scura brought his future brother-in-law! We even had a girl named NOEL (or is that Noël), and an Alta Plaza neighbor who said “we were so nice to her yesterday morning, that she came back to join us.” AW! Except that I didn’t mention that we don’t actually run in Alta Plaza on Tuesdays….so I think that was another group that we just took credit for. New folks shared their favorite holiday movie and there was mention of “Elf”, “A Christmas Story”, and “Die Hard.” Gil pretended he was new so he could say “Home Alone.”  Come on guys, Home Alone is the BEST ONE.

We kicked off the workout by singing “Deck The Halls,” led by resident caroler Matt Schaar, during the bounce. He knows lyrics to like a hundred Christmas songs. The only line the rest of us knew was: “Fa la la la la la…”


The workout:

  • Run one lap around the park to start.
  • Grab a card on the landing and do X number of exercises based on the suit.
  • Run a stair lap between cards.
  • HEARTS: Burpees coz it gets your heart going, ACES: A is Abs, DIAMOND: Tri Dips, CLUBS: Squats. JOKER: The “Mistletoe Card” which I think only Will Oberle pulled, and it required you to find someone to hug, get to know and do a lap with.
  • Finisher tunnel after 30 minutes.


I’ll reiterate what I said at the end of the workout for those of you who weren’t here today: THANK YOU to Laura, Paddy, and Dan for all the time and energy you put into NP all year long. Guys, that’s 156 workouts, blog posts, photo uploads and hundreds of tagged shirts. They give us the gifts of getting fit, free hugs, new friends and a community. This is better than any gift under the tree! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Hope that Laura and Dan are enjoying their time off at home with family. Paddy, make sure to take a break too.


Happy Holidays to all!


Mama Lil aka The Terminator and/or Snuggles Slushbucket (my reindeer name)

PS – I did my job today: Paddy remembered to put the memory card in the camera!

PPS – Huuuuge shout out to AJ Kallet for the MASSIVE plate of cookies (to JMB for serving them. Garson, one more cookie please). And to Stephanie Schuman for the big bag of Persimmons. The Tribe is generous. The Tribe’s stomachs are content… for now!


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