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I sat down to write a really funny blog. It was going to be a partial dream sequence mashed up with an NP version of some Christmas carols.  It was going to be interesting, eye-catching, and fun to read.  And then I got caught up in text & FB messages, and lots of communications from a whole slew of you from the tribe about all kinds of things: you loved the workout this morning (it was pretty awesome…see below for a quick recap of it), ways you can help with #grassrootsgear tagging, sharing photos, just saying thanks, trash talking, etc.

Maybe one day I’ll share the dream(s) I have about NP from Tuesday nights, which is much like a weekly “christmas eve” of excitement and anticipation of one of the top-three best days of the week–therefore I get some awesome NP dreams.  But for now, there’s a really simple message for you to read today.

The Tribe is Strong.

We say it –I say it– all the time.  And I mean it every time I say it.  To me, it means the tribe has strength in numbers–we’re a powerful, large crew.  And when more people attend workouts, we are moving toward that #WorldTakeover thing we keep talking about.  We’re aiming to take over by building a worldwide community of human beings of all fitness levels through our weekly FREE, fierce workouts.  The more people we invite, recruit, and WELCOME, the stronger we become.

It also means the tribe has strength in resources.  We have skills and access to things that help the tribe go.  One person asking me what size gloves we need for the paint crew means that: a) we have gloves for the paint crew and can avoid the #GrassrootsManicure oft sported by yours truly, b) we don’t have to spend money out of our pockets for those gloves, and c) I don’t have to realize the night before tagging day that we need gloves and scramble to get them, just as an example.  We help each other move.  We stay at each others’ houses when we travel or are out of a home.  We pick each other up from the airport.  We watch each others’ dogs. We offer advice on training, eating, sleeping, shoes, gear, gadgets, and injuries.  You need something? Ask the tribe, someone’s gonna be able to help.  (Usually Harry <3)  And you also make the best suggestions for Positivity Award winners, notice when people need a little extra attention and point it out to us co-leaders, and find sweeet little spots for possible Destination Decks.  It’s fucking awesome.

And let’s not forget the obvious, the tribe is really freaking strong in human athletic ability.  We’re impressive with our accomplishments, our feats of crazy ultra distances, and our day-to-day and week-to-week dedication at getting better, faster, stronger, and more amazing as athletes. Every day I am inspired when I watch your faces grind through workouts.  I see your sweat, your fierceness, your outright badassery.  I feel like I fall in love with the tribe every day when I see how willing you all are to take risks and just fucking rise & shine, turn & go, race everything, and never give up.

And while there’s so much more, I’ll wrap up the strength fest with this: The tribe has strength in heart. Some days I go home in awe of how much you care about each other.  This tribe is not strong because you’ve got co-leaders who love you and would do anything for the tribe–the tribe is strong because the individual members care about, and love, and would do anything for each other.  Your cheers and “fuck yeahs” and acknowledgement of others’ hard work mean just as much as mine or the Chrises’ do.  Today I heard ridiculous amounts of NP love around the stadium and it was not because it was warm enough to be July.  The hugs and conversations, the lingering at the stadium and at Swissbakers afterwards, the rampant social media-ing…it’s all an indication of how strong this community is and how meaningful the connections we make really are.

So the next time you say it, think about how powerful it is.  The. Tribe. Is. Strong.  Boom.


Wednesday Stadium Workout Recap:

We ran a new-ish workout called #Roboman3.  It’s juuuuuust like #Robotman3, but distinctly different, in that everyone had the option of doing the full Robotman3 distance (19 sections) before running back behind the bleachers and repeating the half-tour three times, OR they could loop back at section 23 (15 sections), or at 28 (10 sections).  Thus, making the goal of repeating 3 times more attainable for everyone.  Because when you have a goal that’s just beyond your reach but someday possible…it’s a hell of a lot more motivating to work your ass off at it, than if you know you’ll never ever ever get there, even if you surgically replaced your own legs & lungs with Brogan Graham’s.  So everyone spent this morning striving for a goal, but one that you can actually taste.  And I watched you all get fucking hungry for it today.  When time was called, y’all were sprinting to finish a section–not stopping 30 seconds early because it doesn’t matter anyway.  So, good job strong tribe.  The tracker is ready for your sections.

Announcements for you:

  • We have a workout on Friday, because it’s a Friday.  Period.  See you at the hills.
  • Thank you for being good parkers at the stadium.  Keep doing it.  We’re working on getting monthly passes that you can buy ahead of time…stay tuned.
  • #GrassrootsGear tagging will happen next Wed–the last Wed of the month, and of 2015.  Don’t miss it!!

630 group photo



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