Little Wisconsin Notes Monday

Sometimes the day gets WAYYYY outta control and you look back and wonder where the day has gone. 

Then you remember how you started day, the holi-day, the week-day and instantly you feel like the most productive, positive human on this planet.  

Mondays give you wings. Or something like that.

If you’re just tuning in to the show theres this thing called Wisco notes, or Wisconsin.  Yes, wisconotes, is currently sitting at number 7 on Apples top podcasts BUT it began as a name for short, sweet to the point blogs.  Like Cliffnotes.  Yeah that’s exactly what they are.  So with these next few announcements you’ll all nab that passing grade!


We’re announcing 2 things this week on Wednesday:

  1. A badass workout. To take place on Wednesday at 5:30 and 6:30 am.  Yes it’s your routine Wednesday morning fitness but don’t miss out on it.
  2. A special treat for halloween week.
  3. A halloween workout theme for Wednesday PR day 
  4. Thats more than 2. sorry.  I failed @cliffnotes



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