Bag Check

Jen and Nadim checked their bags to Camp Winnipesaukee for the weekend for the weirdest summer camp experience I have witnessed on Instagram… Guns, kids, broken beds, wilderness and a bride.  In that order.  💣, 🧒, 🛏, 🌲, 👰.      🧐🤷🏼‍♂️

That left the real troopers here in Edmonton to hold down our reputation as  a bunch of bad-ass mamajammas.  We had pumpkin pie, turkey, Cheezies, not enough sleep, snow and really heavy bags.  In that order. 🥧, 🦃, 😴, ❄️, 💼.  💪🏼

Throw in a lost Australian kid, a snow angel and the real life Short Shorts Seamus/Shamus/Shame-us/Shamoos and that’s basically all you need to know about this morning if you didn’t make it…  If you did make it you’ll know that it was probably the best Monday workout in the history of NP Canada and it will be repeated!  Thanks for showing up, go spend time being thankful. 🥧✌🏼

Wednesday we are at Royal Glenora Stairs.  Boom.

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