Like Ninja’s, we swiftly move into the stadium…


Two simple words, Fuck Yeah!

We made it, we wore black, and scaled walls and bust into the stadium, or someone might have opened the gate for us, hard to say.  Either way, we made it in, and we crushed some serious stairs.  Wanna talk about the tour, some of us did it twice over, everyone pushing no matter what distance it was.  These humans are rad, and they might know it.

We even recruited a football player, can you spot him, probably not, cause he is in black too, and was ready to bust out his inner ninja warrior.  Tim from the Calgary Stampeders, quickly learned all about November Project, and for someone whom is originally from New Hampshire, was pretty excited to hear it was originated in Boston, I may just have this story down.

So, softy stuff?  I want to share something, no details, but to understand what it means to be part of something like November project.  One and half weeks ago, one of our members was hit with tragedy, and at the end of the workout on the way to work, it hit really hard.  November Project crew, without even a word spoken, just hugged, grasped hard, and just sincerely held that person.  Today this person showed up, and the strength that you see, feel, admire, was out in full force.  While still facing a battle, they knew that if they showed up, and needed that grasp, that magic of the human touch, that they wouldn’t need to say a word, it was already there.  November Project brings people together of all sorts, with no question, no judgement, just real people that take in more people,  no matter the what, who, why, they accept you for who you are. Be Dope, Be Real, Be Kind, and most importantly always Be You.

Today was epic, let it soak in, bask in the amazing humans that shared that with you.  One more stunt this week, to get a bit of a buzz, and people talkin about the good vibes that are November Poject, watch on that social media for updates.






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