Life in the fast lane (ORL)

I’ll speak for #Angelface and myself when I say that this morning’s workout seemed to zoom by at 100mph, even though there were definitely a few traveling at a pretty consistent 45. 🤭

Whose idea was it anyways to try and take yearbook photos, and rainbow tag during the workout?? #rookiemistake?!

Anyways, while #Angelface was playing yearbook photographer to busloads of tacky tourists, I set up shop tagging Ts. The tribe was given a 0-to-60 workout with instructions ranging from 0 slacking, to 30 crunches(credit for 6/6 hw), to a short jog and 60 jumping jacks. Most of the tribe was moving right along, though I did have to shout orders a couple of times when some seemed to be forgetting about the zero slacking part. A little reminder though, and they were right back on track! They looped around through the circuits until all the photos were taken and Ts were tagged!

Phew, I think I’m ready for another vacation. 😜

Thanks to everyone who got their motors running this morning!


Shout out to the winners of May’s push-up video challenge!

*Naomi, for picking up the most ‘likes, loves & comments’ from some of her strongest supporters!

*Ray, for most video posts, and getting the most people to participate in his videos!

A few reminders:

  • We will be holding our Wednesday July 4th workout in Central Park in Winter Park, before the Watermelon 5k. Track Shack is offering 15%off teams of 3 or more with code ‘friendsandfamily‘. Sign up here
  • Thanks to Track Shack for holding a great event for Global Running Day! Getting out there and supporting your fellow runners is always a worthwhile choice.
  • There is a commUnity 4.9k this Saturday, downtown, to honor the 49 lives lost at Pulse. Wear your rainbow grassroots gear and join fellow tribe members in this memorial run. Join team “november project orlando” when you register:
  • Don’t forget June homework- your age in crunches every day!
  • Find more fun events on our ‘secret’ social page on FB!
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