A few of the reasons why I keep showing up

Tuesday evening track crew!

I still remember how awkward coming to NP felt the first few times I joined. Sometimes maybe even more than the first time of just showing up, even though I had no idea it meant anything at the time. After that first awesome workout, I quickly knew there was a lot here that I would enjoy. The difference of the workout from anything I could come up with by myself was one thing. I also loved how much it challenged me racing up those stairs with Nick and wondering if I was wearing him out, I know now that I wasn’t. The vibe of the group was also a major selling point for me since it was so relaxed despite the intense workout.

There was just that one thing, the part before the workout and the bounce. But really, the awkwardness of standing around not knowing anybody and feeling like a third wheel before we all became one sweating pile of people. I think I sometimes came late just to avoid the awkwardness. Eventually, I got that one friendthat I would always start a conversation with me and made it all easier. Christina probably doesn’t know it, but she made my NP life much better.


NP can be a stable rock for a lot of people, but more importantly it’s the people that showup that make it possible for that rock to be stable. A tribe member recently made a dedication about how much the assurance of NP adds to her well being. She wrote about how knowing that the workout was going to happen regardless of weather or any other circumstance always made her feel happy. That really struck a chord in my heart knowing we contribute that much to someone. It’s something that I want the tribe to take pride in, because that doesn’t happen without any of you.


Every tribe member brings something with their presence. Maybe, it’s the sassiness that adds pepp to the workout, or calculating of statistical probabilities or keeping company with that one person you always run the stairs with or even the audible groan you give out when we tell you we are running that FedHill Park hill again. Your presence matters! Seeing some of you showup even though we know you literally just rolled out of bed 5 mins ago, it just tells all of us how much you care. You might be that old familiar face that someone remembers from their first workout or just the chatty partner they got stuck with that day. Showing up and adding your mojo to the collective still makes an impact even if you don’t speak. We know how hard it is to make it out at those early hours and cold mornings.


We decided earlier this year to have a workout Mon-Fri and while it was something we were excited about doing, we also understood the prospect and logistics of getting morning and evening workouts done well. A few tribemates asked about a 5:30am Monday workout and we just thought it would be asking too much from the tribe. Instead we challenged Jana V. to get 10 verbals and to our amazement about 23 people showed up that early on a monday morning to blastoff Summer School for us. The momentum has only built from that unexpected step up from a tribemate. The track workout was all kinds of highs and the wednesday workout made for one of my favorited tribe days. This is what you bring with you and add to the tribe when you decide to showup, you add something that is uniquely you and I can assure you that it makes a difference to someone in the tribe.

5:30AM Monday Morning crew!

So, I just want to thank all of you for showing up and allowing us to get silly while sweating our asses off. Just know that you’ve made a difference to the energy of the group and have definitely helped to make someone’s day.



PS: Please don’t forget your jackets, we are running out of closet space.

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