Let’s Get a Little Bounce – Guest Blog by Katie McCormick (BOS)

Every so often, when Capoze and I are out of town or happen to both be unable to be at NP, we have guest co-leaders who step up (literally) to help out, and keep the NP_BOS community stoked on early morning, community-built, free fitness. And this morning, our good pals Davis Vanderlin & Katie McCormick did just that. Davis has been around at NP since the earliest of days and Katie is “new” relative to that, but both of them love this thing with a fierceness that makes us all benefit. And don’t forget Katie’s pup, Sunny, who just makes everyone happy. You may not realize what it’s like to step up there like they did this morning, and we’re super grateful they did. And thanks to Katie, we get an insider’s experience on the moments leading up to that pivotal moment in all of our Friday mornings…”let’s get a little bounce…” Take it away, Katie.


Alarm is going off. I’m currently packed under the most comfortable down comforter, a crisp fall breeze is sweeping through the window, I’m trying to come out of my usual 3-REM Cycled sleep. The delicious smell of fresh Colombian coffee wafts into my nostrils. What a beautiful morning it is. Thanks for waking me up, 5:30 alarm.

WAIT. Holy shit. This isn’t just any usual 5:30 alarm clock. This is the 5:30 alarm clock to the day that THE Emily Saul asked me and Davis to co-lead the Friday NP work out.

All cylinders FIRE. GET THE FUCK UP, LET’S GOOO! I shoot up, give Davis a good morning kiss, and I leave the bed in a dust cloud behind me. It’s GO time.

Mission #1: Get ready. I grab my University of Oregon Alumni coffee mug. I need to channel my inner Duck. This whole November Project thing has been more than a project for me. It’s given me a new team (now considered a family) to workout with, a new grit to grind through my workouts, and a kick in the ass to get me out of bed. I moved across the country from Oregon to Boston knowing no one. Yet, NP has connected me to other nomads and Boston locals like I would have never imagined. This isn’t just a family. This is a badass family. Some of the fastest, hardest working, most loving, most outgoing people I’ve ever met. It may be a new body of water, but this duck found a new home and a new flock. I can’t just show up for them. I need to SHOW UP.

Mission #2: Get there. How lucky am I that my mom is here from Wisconsin?! She hears me talk about NP all the time. And the first time she comes to a workout, she gets to see her daughter lead a bounce. God I hope I don’t fuck this up… We all file down the stairs – Sunny in her harness, Davis chugging the rest of his coffee, my mom getting all bundled up, I’m hyperventilating. I can’t fuck this up… We’re in the car and we go over the BU Bridge. And for a moment, time stops. We look to the east – the Bostonian skyline looking like an EKG pulse against the day breaking sky. The Charles River is just waking up its current, as eager rowers touch their oars to the water. The Citgo Sign shining bright as if it were saying, “Good morning Katie, you good?” And all I could think was: Fuck. Yeah.

Mission #3: Kill It. Everyone’s standing at the Lookout. “Good mornings” here and “how ya doing?s” there. In my head I just kept thinking “Bounce. Ohhh. Ahhh. STOP. Good morning. Are you good?” I revel in a Sugarmama Hug. I soak in (literally!) a Malcom hug. I even get to meet a couple humans and give them a hug. It’s 6:28. It’s time. I look up, Davis is standing on the wall. He reaches down and says, “Let’s go! It’s time!” How lucky am I that I get to do this awesome thing next to my best friend? I hop up. Close my eyes. Take a deep breath. Breathe in confidence, excitement, and joy.



MONDAY DESTINATION DECK is at Danehy Park in Cambridge. 6:29am, Mon Oct 21st. MAP HERE. Just freaking show up, it’ll be dope.

HALLOWEEN is on a Thursday, but on WED, Oct 30th, which is also the last Wed of the month (PR day!!), we will be dressing up with this theme: Fitness Fanatics. Pick an era and get inspired by the fitness freaks of that time. Or pick a FANATIC fitness human being and dress up as them. But either way, we’re getting sweaty, we’re wearing costumes, and we’re having fun. Get ready.

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