Let There Be LIGHT (YEG)

Wisconsin Notes:

  • There was movement;
  • There was paint fumes;
  • There was community; and
  • Morgan got pulled by a dog, Vin got his first tag, You ate some hills for breakfast; and and
  • There was a cool sunrise

Thank you to the tagging crew that chose to help out there community. Those freshly painted shirts are a sign that you Show Up in life. Yes you must have come out to at least one of our workouts but it means more than just November Project. When you wear that shirt you tell the world that like to have fun and chose not to give into the snooze button. Wear them PROUD

Ok real talk here. It’s getting dark in the mornings. Apparently it has something to do with the axis of the planet or some shit – don’t worry I’ve written a letter to management to try and fix it. In the mean time we all know that the dark season doesn’t mean less fun. While that letter is being processed, I’ve got an ask for you for Monday. Bring the light. Metaphorically and physically. Metaphorically show off your amazing self. Physically bring every battery powered light you can find. ALL OF THEM. Flashlights, headlamps, luminoodles, camp lights, bike lights, flood lights, disco balls (please tell me someone has one please please please), lazers, white lights, coloured lights, etc etc. Come Monday morning you might say to yourself, “Ok I’ve got two lights to bring that should be good” – WRONG grab more.

Bring the light and let’s have some fun. More details when you show up. So … JustShowUp.

Also also if you haven’t checked out this cool video 👇 then do so.

Keep being awesome,



Monday: Telus Plaza 💡💡💡

Wed: Commonwealth Stadium (Gate 2). Bring out those people who’ve wanted to try it out. We’ll be back at Royal Glenora Stairs soon enough.

Friday: Walterdale Hill

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