Let it Snow (DEN)

One of the perks of being a student is that I got to spend yesterday’s beautiful afternoon slamming down my favorite hot wings and drinking my favorite fruity beers on one of the best patios in Denver. Let me break that down:  t-shirt, patio, Colorado sun, blackberry beer- that’s how you know it felt like summer. Then, like a swift kick to the nuts I woke up in a snow globe this morning. Yes, today was the first day of the year that we were reminded that we are weather proof, and that sometimes it snows in Denver. But as Marvin Gaye said, ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no snowstorm wet enough to keep us from doing mountain climbers on the ground. In addition to the snow, today we wore packs in honor of those that serve our country, and sacrifice so that we have the freedom to just show up, to move, to hug, to be parts of wonderful communities like these. Thank you veterans, for all that you’ve done for us. As if I didn’t already have enough good things to say about today, the 6:15 a sentimental hand off of the positivity award from Adam to Alex that reminded us all why we keep showing up (if the snow, the hugs, and the crazy people wearing lots of neon and spandex weren’t enough). We have an el nino winter coming up kids, but your energy this morning got me pretty stoked for whats to come. So thank you for checking your nay-saying at the door, NP5280, I’m glad you’re here.

Yoga! Tomorrow! With Samy! At Lululemon! Did I tell you they are doing a private sale for us again? No pressure to shop, but everyones ass looks better in lululemon. So, get your priorities straight. Please be on your mats ready to go by 5:58am- Samy will be leading from the front door with the whole class facing it, so you will be that guy if you come in late. Please BYO-Mat if you have one. There is a waitlist, so please Molly know if you can’t come.

**Recap: Lululemon Cherry Creek (158 Fillmore Plaza), be there by 5:58am, 25% off core items from 7-8am, if you come in late everyone will know.

Way to keep it gangster today guys. See you tomorrow on the mat, and on Friday at GOVERNORS PARK (5:30/6:15am)

Molly, out this bitch.

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