11.11.15 (IND)

No bees. No honey. No work. No money. But first! #NP_IND!! Nice work today tribe! You crushed the leg heavy day of 11 box jumps, 11 triceps dips, 15 burpees, on repeat. Followed by Sally. Sally is a biotch! Congrats the Newbies who just showed up! And #FuckYeah to the Doublers. We love you Frank!

We have some important announcements:

  • Buffs are back! Look for a post in the IndyNP private Facebook group today. Add your name, quantity and email to the Google Doc. Once we get a firm number we can submit the order and know total cost per buff with shipping and get an approximate delivery date. Cost is approximately $10-15, paid to a leader up front.


  • We are planning a Friendsgiving 2015 gathering for December. Look for a post in the IndyNP private Facebook group today with a Survey Monkey link. Vote for your preferred date! Majority rules. Once a date is selected, a Facebook event will be created, and then you can sign up for what you’re bringing to omm nom nom on with the Tribe.
  • As you all know Danger has been helping lead our tribe for some time. And unfortunately the logistics of his life have changed such that he is no longer able to be a leader. While this saddens us, be happy knowing that the dude to step up and help lead #NP_IND to the next level is Jason Shaw. We love you Danger and we will miss you. And welcome aboard Jason!


Please make sure to hug a veteran today and thank him/her for their service.

See you next week! Have a great day!

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