Leap Year by Ashleigh Voytrack (San Diego)

Four score and four years ago was the last time we celebrated a Leap year. Unless you were Angelo, who thinks this happens every 7 years. Leap year, also known as a bissextile year (which I perfer because the word “sex” is in it) is a year containing one additional day to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical and seasonal year.

Leap year is my most favorite holiday; with all the special decorations, delicious foods and the gifting of expensive presents from loved ones. Wait, what? Yeah, in your dreams. Well since it isn’t the most exciting holiday we decided to fix that! We filled your morning full of fun with our Leap Year 4.4k race. It was a beautiful course along mission bay with some challenging Hills over the bridges with pristine weather. You guys raced your hearts out and earned your extra bonus day this year!

After our fierce race it seemed only right to tone it down and have some fun with 4 man relay team of Leapfrog. Leapfrog is a children’s game in which players vault over each other’s stooped backs dating all the way back the the sixteenth century. Everyone got one last laugh and quad burn with the relay before we waved good bye to Motor boat pond. Next week we will move onto Hill st in Sunset Cliffs!
Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright! NPSD!

Notes from the 7 lords of Leaping:
Balboa Park 6:29am all Wednesday mornings forever
– Hill St in Sunset cliffs all Monday mornings (6:29A) during the month of March
– “VoyTrack Tuesdays” are at Motor Boat Pond 6:30 am warm up (Map/Search Model Yacht Pond).


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