Leap Ballerina, Leap

Remember that time we went to the Boston Ballet School and did a Destination Deck workout there?  It was LEAP DAY.  You know, the extra day in the year they throw on the calendar every 4 years so earth doesn’t fall out of orbit around the sun?

Remember that happened this morning?!? On this Leap Day we spent the morning leaping across the studio in tutus, and leaping up and down stairs in the Ballet School building.


Remember how much fun it was to have graceful arms and pointed toes? And how good it felt to wear puffy tutus and sparkly tiaras?  Remember what it was like to start the week with something like a ballet class at 6:15am when you didn’t even know that’s what you were showing up to?   Remember that there is no other fitness community like this? No other weird opportunity to do things like Leap Day at the Ballet. Remember that being a part of this Tribe is worth every single early morning, every beautiful sunrise, every snowy play-day, every sweat-soaked climb up a flight of stairs because this shit is good.  It’s fun, it’s hard, and it makes us fitter, better, and more connected and interesting human beings.  Sometimes we dance at the ballet, or take over the T, or generally keep surprising (and changing) our city with our positivity, kindness, and free free fitness. You know, we never stop exploring 😉

You just might remember today because it was a special one.  Keep showing up folks, they’re all special ones.  And you just never know what you’re going to get.


Auditions for the November Project Boston Dance Company will be held at 6:30am, next February 29th.

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  • The generous and awesome Boston Ballet wants November Project to enjoy their show Kaleidoscope, by offering a special 40% discount for NP members, to see one of two shows.  NP is all about free fitness, and community.  So grab your community and get to the ballet! All info is here: Kaleidoscope-November-Project
  • A BIG shout out to tribe members Lauren Pajer and Laura D’Onofrio, who work at the Boston Ballet, and who are responsible for arranging insider details for our day at the Ballet.  Thank you both, and security guard Nate for making Leap Day possible.

laura lauren ballet

  • Additional shout out to Diana Hunt for her incredible photography this morning, featured all throughout this blog post.  Thanks chika!
  • NOVEMBER PROJECT SUMMIT 4.0 is happening.  There are many TNFECS (that’s The North Face Endurance Challenge Series) races scheduled and NP is going to take over the world, one ECS race at a time.  Click the link for all the info. #JustShowUp so you can #RaceEverything.  DC, Bear Mountain NY, Ontario…the list goes on.  Get on board, my friends.  Summit 4.0 will be in Ontario and we want to see all of you there.  Or don’t go and die of FOMO.  It’s up to you.
  • We’re also holding a workout on Wednesday, March 2, 2016.  It will be at 65 North Harvard St., Allston, MA.  In the Colosseum.  5:30AM and 6:30AM too.  TuTus are optional.
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