Leaders Amongst Leaders (CHI)

You may have noticed some changes recently–the average height of the leadership has definitely increased.  Will things be different? Yeah, probably. No one can replace Dani. We would be foolish to even try. Will the workouts still be fun? F*ck yeah, that’s the plan. We can’t promise November Project will ever be perfect, but we’ll keep doing our best to make it better. Our strategy is simple: fitness first, fun second, and of course safety third.

When asked if we would step up to lead we accepted for two simple reasons.  It’s an honor and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and at the same time, we can give back to the community that has done so much for both of us, and pay it forward to this group of the greatest people we’ll ever meet. 

However, leadership doesn’t require the title of co-leader. Hardly so.  Standing in front of this community we’re staring into the faces of leadership every Wednesday and Friday morning.  Whether you are leading a workout (have ideas? Come talk to us!), a pre-race bounce, a book club, a social event–including a race for your dog’s birthday, or weekday juggling lessons—you’re bringing people together. Whether you’re helping others train for their race goals, organizing a group run, bike ride, or swim, reaching out to your friends who are battling injury to check in on them, or acknowledging someone for their recent feat, you are leading the movement in building this fitness community.  Cheer station, anyone? Many of you demonstrate leadership in ways outside of the November Project bubble. What makes our Chicago community unique is not that we have three co-leaders but rather, it’s that we have over a hundred. 

When you’re surrounded by leaders, it brings out the best in every one of us. For NP Chi, it all starts with just showing up. Keep doing that, and let’s build what is already great into something even better.  We’re excited to write this new chapter of November Project Chicago history with you.

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