Today we revisited one of our favorites. Tabatas. To pump up the tribe we played some sweet tunes. Due to our broken speakers we rolled in the class with the ’96 Ford Explorer, black on black interior, with what sounds like the perfect surround sound. 20 mins worth, five exercises, 45 secs on-15 off. Safe to say that everyone got their ass kicked.

Today we had 59 members. 59 people got their asses out of bed, throwing their alarm clock at their boyfriend because he works too late to come to November Project. 59 thinkers may have had doubts to just show up, but they wrestled with their inner no’s and stabbed them with a YES! 59 movers didn’t make any excuse this morning and made it their priority to be on time ready with their A-game. 59 tribemembers pushed themselves hard and did not look back. Incase you disn’t realize you are what keeps this tribe alive. Your inner gusto, your smiles, your drive, your constant need to not only push yourself but your new friends. WE ARE THE MOST GENUINE TRIBE!

You all at one point were perfect strangers. There is something special when I see a kindling immediately happening without any facilitation. Two people walking from the parking lot like they had planned to come to try November Project together that end up being comeplete strangers and now new friends. That’s you guys. You take this wacky idea and run with it, exploding it into something grander than ever imagined. So kudos you who may have just recovered from an injury, kudos you who have asthma but still show up at the crack of dawn, kudos you who run ultra marathons and share the tribe in other country.  You all have your story, let that be your driving force to challenge yourself and write you’re own pages.

We were close today, 59 members. If we reach 76 people for any given Wednesday then we will unleash the Kraken, aka Fridays, aka Field Trip Fridays, aka explore the shit out of LA, aka more workouts, more friends, and more sweaty hugs. Do you want it?! Bring your homeboys and homegirls to the bowl. Don’t be shy, that runner on the street is already your homegirl, plus she’s got a cute butt so kudos you! In other words…recruit! The wise pioneer Huxley Grundler once said “ask a ye shall receive”.

We are ready! With all our love,



IMG_8394 IMG_8397


HW: Get your game face on to be entered into the raffle for a free pair of shoes.

1) Attend Wednesdays workout at the Hollywood Bowl at 6:27am with November Project Los Angeles tribe.
2) Post a picture on November Project-Los Angeles’s or FrontRunners page (https://www.facebook.com/FrontRunners?ref=hl) no later than Noon 7/15 with the theme “Where does your #grassrootsgear take you?” With the hashtags#NP_LAX and #FRWEHO. You must be wearing your November Project grass roots gear. We’re talking real creative here, not your office cubicle or in line at Starbucks. Think more your office party and inline skating in Starbucks.
3) All those who have posted with the correct requirements will be entered into a drawing that will be held at Wednesday’s workout, 7/16. If you are not present at the workout to claim your shoes sponsored by FrontRunners then you will not be eligible to claim the prize.

See you next Wednesday at the Hollywood Bowl 6:27am…Kudos!


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