East2WestBank (MSP)

The meat of today’s workout took us over the river and through the woods. We united under the grain towers at the Mill City Museum on the Mississippi’s West bank. From there the herd took off on a quick warmup jaunt up the river and then back across the Stone Arch Bridge to the East Bank.

That’s where our timed run’s start line was. We reviewed the course together, then took off westward over the bridge, “over the river”. Once over the bridge, the course dipped and looped down to river level before climbing up the hill, “through the woods”, towards the Guthrie theatre, then the final dash back to the West Bank entrance to the Stone Arch in Mill Ruins Park. Our loop totaled 1.2 miles. We will do it again 3 weeks from today.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 2.03.06 PM

Times from the morning:

  • Andrew:  ?  (Fastest Man of the day)
  • Matt:  7:40
  • Brad: 7:45
  • Spencer: 7:50
  • Rein: 7:48
  • Jeremy: 7:56
  • Joe: 8:03
  • Rob: 8:16
  • Emma: 8:03
  • Cyndi: 8:32
  • Becky: 9:19
  • Jess: 9:19
  • Martha: 8:50
  • Freesia: 12:28
  • Colleen: 12:35
  • Meliss: 12:35
  • Antonia: 11:17
  • Holly: 9:09
  • Shannon: 11:13


All were powerful, and all will be faster in 3 weeks. We finished the morning on the Stairs at The Mill with an 8 minutes circuit of stair jumps, pushups, leg fluttering, and partner workouts. MSP was real today. Colleen Supple took the Stick of Positivity and Larabar brought snacks at the end to sweeten the morning even more.

Join in next Wednesday at Mill City Museum.


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  1. Thanks for allowing Larabar to be a part of your day, Ben!  It was our pleasure to meet your group and learn more about this fantastic project.  Loved everyone’s can-do attitude and infectious spirit!

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