Keeping Score (Ottawa)

Good morning, YOWzers! How cool is it that we get to actually hang out in the morning? Truthfully, it’s extra special for us because aside from Wednesday mornings, people don’t tend to like it when we yell at them to do various exercises while they’re out and about. So, thanks for making that a possibility. 

This morning’s workout presented us with the challenge of scoring as many points as possible, which begs the question… how much are burpees really worth to you?

We saw a few different strategies this AM. While some of you tackled the more challenging exercises numerous times, others moved between stations with impressive speed, and others found a station that felt right and made the choice to max out their sets. Oh, and here are some other things we saw:

– Collaboration and supportive teammates

– Laughter and general silliness

– Laughter and general confusion and mayhem

– People realizing that math is hard 

– People analyzing the cost-benefit ratio of the number of burpees to do vs. number of points earned. IS it really worth it?

– People checking their watches to determine the number of stations to go before bagels

– People having internal monologues wondering why they volunteered to do this

– People soaking up the unparalleled joy and sense of accomplishment that comes with Wednesday mornings

– People admiring how remarkably handsome Alfie is (was that just us?)

Now, you may be waiting for this to tie back into some sort of cheesy metaphor. Fear not, here it is!

When presented with a challenge, each person may choose to approach it from a different angle. We might see others approaching it in a way that we would have never thought of. We might think their way is impressive. We might think their way is ridiculous. We might not stop to think about their way at all. We might get distracted thinking about bagels and puppies. We might not be sure where this train of thought is really going and we might be wondering if the writer of the blog has totally lost it. These are all valid thoughts, of course. But, it seems like the takeaway message here is that not only is it okay to approach life with different perspectives, but we actually become a better community for it. Seriously, if we all had the exact same approach, we’d still be finishing up our penalty burpees (for those who missed this morning’s workout, if more than 10 people showed up at the same station, there were burpee-related consequences). So whether we’re talking about exercise stations or the life stations in which we find ourselves outside of Wednesday mornings, the lesson here may just be to keep our eyes open, celebrate our differences, and not overanalyze the completely fabricated ratio of burpees to points. 

Congratulations to both teams on a riveting and tight knit competition this morning. Let’s take a closer look at the competitors, shall we?

Team A: Michèle, Kevin, Jordan, Stephen, Caitlin, Tom, Sheila, André, Carson & Rebecca

Team B: Alex, Mélanie, Josh, Lyse, Daniel, Barbara, Ryan, Eddie, Caroline, and Becca

Hats off to Team A, who came away with the victory!

Whether you were Team A, Team B, or Team I have no idea what’s going on but I’ll just keep running around… we sure are glad that you’re here!


Rebecca & Becca


  1. Stay tuned for details on a popup workout @ Westboro beach on Monday Aug 2nd
  2. SAVE THE DATE Nov 12th-14th, 2021… the return of NP SUMMIT (in person and virtual). Location is in the U.S. More details to come.
  3. Pet a dog.
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