Keep Calm and Roar On

Vivian, Viv, Speedy, the Blur, the LOUD ONE, is someone that I (Rich) have gotten to know, admire and cherish as part of our wonderful group here in Vancouver over the last 4 years. She is in your face fast but supporting you all the way. She will pace you at a race to your goal without breaking a sweat and then turn around and qualify for Boson the next weekend. She will then go run Boston and check out of the medical tent AMA ’cause she can. This microbit of a human is everything you need in one package. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Vivian.

For me, November Project is more than a workout. It is an exercise in teamwork, dedication, passion, motivation and of course with a bonus of a spiritual/emotional connection that I share with my fellow tribe members. A combination that is hard to beat or even equal elsewhere.

Before I joined November Project a few weeks after it began in Vancouver BC, I had joined other athletic and exercise groups to no avail. They were either all about the socializing or so competitive that they were not fun. I believe that I would have to keep training alone as I had done for many years prior. And then I found November Project through a random Facebook share that a friend shared with me. He said, “Vivian I heard of this group that is outdoors, free, fun and sounds unique and I think you might like it!”. Immediately I was like, “absolutely!” I joined the next week and so it was that in November Project I found enough of both the physical challenge and also the social aspect in a ratio that I had never thought possible until then. Not only were people welcoming and friendly and genuinely interested in hugs, which I am really big on as my tribe members know, but it also encouraged me to push myself as I desired and be accountable to myself without worrying about anyone else. #justshowup became a motto for me. And I realized too that my fellow tribe members genuinely cared about me and many have become my very good friends in Vancouver, a city which I adore and yet often felt lonely in, not having much family here. I soon found a family. A family of November Project aficionados who showed me how exercise, fun, Outdoors, Fitness, all things that I love and cherish, could be combined into one movement of Awesomeness.

The dedication and passion and commitment of our tribe leaders is a model for me and I never can brag enough and show off enough about it to those I meet and have a chance to explain to them about this wonderful “cult, not a cult” that I am part of. When I travel, I proudly wear my tagged shirts featuring our iconic lion. I get asked a lot about it and occasionally a high-five from someone who knows about the movement. When I finish explaining what this wonderful thing is the response I usually get is that sounds so cool and I say f*** yeah it is and then some.

So, thank you November Project. Thank you for helping me find a family of fitness, outdoor enthusiasts who show me that to be loved whilst doing burpees and lunges and sit-ups and push-ups and dips and whatever crazy awesome exercises we have that day, (some which I know well and others I am excited to learn about) is possible! And that through the sweat and often blood, the high-fives and hugs and laughter and cheers, that my family of tribe members are waiting for me and are happy to see me
when I go and support me when I’m not able to.

All of this awesomeness can coexist in this wonderful thing called November Project. So yes, I have been a loyal November Project Vancouver tribe member since the beginning and I look forward to being part of it for as long as I can. November Project, the movement that projects love, projects fitness, projects fun, projects support, projects outdoors. Whether supporting ourselves through the fun and challenging workouts that help us get stronger and test/go beyond our limits or supporting ourselves outside of workouts in our everyday lives that are often wrought with challenges, the support of the tribe is indeed truly magical and unique. A tribe is a community. It is a family. It is a network. And November Project is all of that. It is a stable pillar of support and awesomeness that awaits with open hears and sweaty palms every Wednesday. Whether doing snow angles or leaving sweat stains on the ground, I treasure my attendance with unyielding gratitude and utmost respect to my tribe. In essence, as Mel said, I am unapologetically me and unapologetically loud and well my dear tribe members so are all of you in your amazingly unique ways and this is what makes November Project so special: there is no other like it! So, let’s keep roaring in all we do; here we go:

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