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Hi there. My name is Kwame Boateng (also known affectionately as Jimmy, No Fun Kwame, Jimmy Saturdays, kwamstboat, or that guy), and I’ve been given the opportunity to share my experiences with November Project Kelowna. There are many, so I am going to focus on how I ended up running with this ridiculous group of people. I hope to make this as entertaining an experience for you as possible but expected to be just whelmed (as opposed to over or underwhelmed). Like room temperature milk.

I’d like to preface this by saying I hate running with a fiery passion. This will be a theme going forward.

I came across NP Kelowna through multiple people. At first, it was Steve Morrison. Now Steve and I, we go back to university. I hadn’t seen him since then, but flash forward 5 years and here this suave, tall, Greek god of a man was, back in Kelowna and starting up his law career in the same building as me. He mentioned NP to me, and I remember thinking:

  1. I remember this guy from university. He had a lot of energy then
  2. He seems to be the same now
  3. He’s taken up running “recreationally” (big red flag)
  4. He likes this month project thing
  5. I am the exact opposite of points 1-4 (in terms of months, November is 100% avg)

So I told him I’d sleep on it.

Then Samantha Barker mentioned this “project” to me. Sam and I exhibit similar traits (except she looks like an avid runner… another red flag), and she seemed to enjoy it. So I started to warm up to the idea.

Then Spencer Naito brought it up. Now it’s important to note that Spencer and I are literally the exact same person. We both hated running, we both could be found in the office at all hours of the day, etc. Spenny is Japanese Kwame (Kwame-san).

See the resemblance?

 If he was having a good time, it must be worthwhile.

It also didn’t hurt that I was just coming off a break up as well, and this guy was looking for a snack (Gary, a snack is an attractive individual).

My first NP Wednesday I see another familiar face from uni; Roz Huber. She was FULL of energy and came in for a hug. I wasn’t about that life. I knew her boo was a cop, and I’m a big fan of self preservation. So, I shook her hand instead (and there you have it Rozzer).

It became very apparent that the energy thing wasn’t just a Roz or Steve thing. Everyone was on the juice. My first bouce:


Kwame: Good morning, Steve


Kwame: Yeah mate, I got that. Hi there


Kwame: I’m pretty okay, thanks. Curious about whatever local ordinance we’re breaking being so loud in the AM…

Everyone else: FUCK YEA!!


It was anarchy.

Either the second or third time I showed up, it was a PR day. I normally would have been very angry for the rest of the day for having run that far, but someone (Kelowna’s most Eligible Bachelor, Taylor Horsting) running past me said “Looking fast, man!”. We’ve been vibin’ ever since.


The first few months flew by, and I was having way too much fun. Winter came around, and against my biological nature I kept on coming back every Wednesday to see my guy Big Daddy Brucker. I started slinging hi-fives and hugs with the NP crew. I briefly flirted with the idea of a half marathon with the NP crew.

I went to a country bar with the NP crew….

Howdy y’all

Met all types of snacks with the NP crew


 Became kind of a dog person with the NP crew

woof woof

I’ve made incredible friends and developed deeply meaningful relationships. I built community with people who were about building real community (it is so rare these days, guys).

Most importantly, I reeeeaaallyyy still hate running. But I love the people I run with

Fuck. Yea.

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  1. Nice Kwame. I hate running too. This is why I will (when work permits) come up from Penticton. I showed up last week and loved it!!!

    Also… snacks 😉

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