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Hey there Boston,

It’s been a pretty great summer so far, right?  Yup, we can’t complain.  We keep meeting new friends who show up to workouts each week, the weather has been super summery, and even though construction around the city and the stadium makes things a little crazy– we keep doing what we do, no matter what.  The movement is strong, our fitness is fierce, and it’s a good time to be working out with November Project Boston.


If the burpees and wall-jumps in addition to hills this morning weren’t enough to make us sweat, we’re going to keep pouring on the hype for what’s coming up.

MONDAY is not a classic #destinationdeck — it’s our next SUNRISE 6K race.  It’s for all of us.  ALL OF US.  This race is for  any & everyone who wants to show up to race.

So tell people about it this weekend.  Get people to show up for the first time to run with us on Monday.  It’s time to rally…get out there and recruit!

  • Meet at Weeks Footbridge
  • 5:30AM & 6:30AM
  • Prizes for top male & female racers
  • Prizes for top first-time 6k racers
  • Prizes for biggest PR — show up knowing what your previous 6k PR is to be eligible for this prize!


All month long, Wednesdays in the stadium will be filled with Frogman1 challenges that are right at your level: Tadpole, Polywog, Frog, or Bullfrog.  It’s one of the very best ways to see progress by showing up every week and strive toward a goal, reach it, and strive toward more goals.

Now is the time to find your Frogust buddy–who are you going to show up with, hold accountable, and be sure you’re both working your asses off every Wednesday?  Find an old friend or make a new one.  But no matter what, show up Wednesday, ready to work hard.


I know most people don’t pick Wisconsin as their travel or adventure destination.  But this adventure and destination are worth the trip.  Think it’s a long way to go?  One short flight gets you there from Boston, and some of us have even driven there from Boston (it takes about 17 hours, which is do-able???).  But why would you want to go all the way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin???  Because it looks like this:


Also, because trail running, because giant NP reunion of all tribes in one place, because The North Face Endurance Challenge, because #grassrootsgear, because friendship, because fun, because we said so, and because FOMO.  You don’t want FOMO while everyone else is there having an amazing time.  You get to run any distance from 5k to 50 miles and if you sign up using the code “NP20” you get a discounted race registration.  That’s awesome.

Worried, wondering, questions? where to go, where to stay, who to race with?  Join the FB group for summit and get connected!  It’s a closed group on FB, but just request to join it: NPSUMMIT 6 MKE

There’s always a very helpful spreadsheet with info about where people are staying, teams, etc.  Don’t hesitate, don’t wait, do it now!

Feeling the heat yet?? It’s exciting times.

See you Monday at the Sunrise 6k, see you in Frogust, see you at Summit 6.0 in Milwaukee.


Have a great weekend!

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