Just Another Friday Morning…and side boob

Friday Hills.

Nothing really fancy about it.  Just verbal, set your alarm(s) and get up.  Just show up.  Hug your friends.  Run up and down the hills.  Maybe jump over the trash bins in the park if you’re feeling brave or hope to get a photo worthy of bragging about.  Gather again with your friends, sing happy birthday real quick, and take a group photo showing off your winter-time side boob in honor of Micah Risk and her badass, Runners-World-cover-making, speedy-BQ’ing self.  Go home (or not), eat breakfast (maybe with your friends), and feel really good about running those hills this morning.  Feel really good that you had people to meet up with to run. Feel some gratitude for being able to feel so good. Feel amped about whatever you have going on this weekend, knowing that you earned it.

You know, just another Friday morning at November Project.

 Deniz jump

Deniz told me a story this morning about how two years ago when he was 31, just about this time of year, he ran his very first 5k race ever.  He had not been a runner.  But he started coming to NP, running stadiums, and hills just like we did this morning. Then, he finally stepped up and ran a 5k.  And he ran another. He tried a marathon, and just a few months ago he completed a full Ironman  triathlon.  The moral of that story is two-fold.  First: it’s never too late to start doing something you love.  Second: you never reach those big accomplishments without lots of the “little stuff” that seems like no big deal, but really matters.  Like just another Friday morning at the hills.

This shit is good.


P.S. Still want to go to the Celtics game on Wed 12/17?  If you didn’t win one and you didn’t purchase one because it just wasn’t in your budget, you can still go.  One loving Tribe member has offered to buy some tickets for folks who want to go but otherwise wouldn’t be able to.  Please message me (Emily Saul) directly if you would like to request tickets offered by a fellow awesome NP Tribe member. If you won a free ticket and still have a voucher, bring it on Monday or Wednesday and I’ll trade it for a real game ticket.

ON MONDAY: We will meet at Old State House at 6:28, and slightly move after we meet. See the destination here and #verbal now.

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