Deck the Halls & Haul your @$$

Nothing says “Good Morning!” like a sweet ass deck workout. Which is exactly what we did this morning! But not before our customary run around the baseball field.

Due to the precipitous nature of Tuesday night’s weather, we re-located our deck from the center of the baseball field to the middle of the parking lot by the Waveland tennis courts. Luckily for us, there weren’t any cars swinging through to get an early tennis game in because we took the whole lot over! When you pulled a red number card, you were baning out 10 push ups. A black number card resulted in the BEST EXERCISE EVER: Burpees. Jacks, Queens and Kings? You are now obligated to run a full sprint around the court. This is a non-binding obligation, but it is what you signed up for. Last but not least, the beloved Ace required you to apprehend a fellow tribes-mate and get your hoistie on.

Right when we lured into everyone into a false sense of knowing what this workout was all about, we pulled a fast one. There was a cool down run around the baseball fields again, but then we re-grouped over by the Totem pole. Good-byes? Is it time to see who will get the positivity award? Is it time for breakfast yet?

NOPE! We did a pyramid workout!

We fluttered dem squats, got those jacks a jumpin’, and busted out the mountain climbers. 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and 60 seconds of each. Finally it was time to come together, revel in the success of a great workout, and head out for the day.

The Tribe is Moving. The Tribe is Strong.


Our brilliant tribesmate Emily is working on developing an app which will help runners find items lost during a run. It will also help people return things that they have found! For those running around the Chicago area, download the app and be a part of the development process!

On Saturday December 20th there will be an Ugly Sweater party! Come in your holiday ugliest (or flashiest, whatever) and ready to revel in holiday cheer. Event details will be made available soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


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