I’ve got the magic in me (YWG)


Wisconsin notes: Guest blog by the great Amie Seier. Highlight of the workout: PIGS (Planks in goose shit) as coined by Dennis. Lots of new people today, keep recruiting so that we can hit 200 by June 1st! 


“I got the magic in me.”

While I was running with Tom last Wednesday I told him that November Project is my fitness anchor. What I mean by that is no matter what is going on in my life I always get my Wednesday morning workout in.  For example, this morning when I woke up to the alarm at 6:15am, I immediately jumped five feet in the air out of bed in a panic… I was LATE! I grabbed whatever was on the ground in the dark – got changed as a ran down the stairs, and I promptly made it to the workout at 6:34am. In reality, if it wasn’t November Project I would probably say “Fuck it” and go back to bed.

To me there something about November Project that just holds me accountable to showing up. Even though I haven’t paid a dime, even though I know that the weather isn’t perfect (and half the year very imperfect), I still show up. To me, this is magic.



Now let’s focus on this magic: why is it that we all show up rain, shine, snow, sleet, goose poop, etc. at an ungodly hour before work every Wednesday morning? Is it because we love lunges across the Provencher bridge? Is because we enjoy sprinting around a gravel track (twice)? Is it because we love to leg throw in pure goose poop? Is because Rick, Derek, and Tom are super charismatic and cool? No. It’s because of each other! The magic is inside all of us, and when we all get together and do something good for our health (and hearts!) it releases some sort of magic that makes us keep wanting to come back each week (don’t make that dirty, people!)


After months and months of watching the tribe grow and evolve, the magic never goes away, in fact, it only gets stronger.



In the famous words of B.O.B, “I got the magic in me. Every time I touch that track, it turns into gold.”

I can’t wait until next Wednesday morning when we hit that track and turn it into gold… together!


Also, I would like to take this opportunity say a little bit about our co-leaders, because I can:

Rick, is my cousin. I’ve known Rick my whole life, and in fact, in the game of life I came first. I am precisely eight months older. But, Rick has always been our family’s fearless leader. Our families are quite close and whenever we would get together Rick would lead us around the cabin, Charleswood, a farmer’s field, a random lake, parking lots, campgrounds, forests, water falls, you name it. Rick has always been a natural leader, and I have to say how proud I am of him. It takes a tremendous amount of work to organize and lead the tribe Wednesday after Wednesday.



As for Derek, I’ve known Derek since kindergarten. If you give Derek a paintball gun and a go-kart he might ask your little brother to start running. Using his leadership abilities for good (and sometimes evil) has been an honour to watch him progress all of these years. Knowing Derek, he’s not always the loudest (and definitely NOT the weirdest) in the group. So, watching him evolve into an outspoken strange tribe leader has been really awesome.

As for Tom, I didn’t grow up with you, but you’re awesome.


To end the blog post, I would like to say a big thank you to our greatest magicians Rick, Tom, and Derek for making the Wednesday morning a reality each week. Thanks you and fuck yeah!

Amie Seier


This week’s Positivity Award goes out to Jason Kachkowski: Killing NP since he’s been showing up, rocking it on social media, hitting up other tribes when he travels, and pushing everyone and his fellow limes to work their asses off. Boom.



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