It’s the ReMIX to Abe Lincoln (DCA)

As a general warning before you launch into this blog-post, I have about 18 trillion things in my head this morning, and I’m going to try to share at least 17 million of those with you, so if I jump around a lot, please take my most sincere apologies now.

Everyone has emotionally draining days. They can be work related: hire, fire, meetings, projects, stress. They can be relationship driven: fights, make-ups, break-ups. Family, money, health. Emotionally draining days can come at you from ANYwhere. Sometimes you feel them building up and sometimes they sneak up.

What really matters about these days (after you push through them) is what you do after they’re over. How do you bounce back? BOUNCE BACK… Do we see where this is going yet? In full disclosure, I just had two days that seemed to put my emotions through the ringer. (In the spirit of fullest disclosure, I’m only 75% confident I’m using that phrase correctly.) So when I woke up this morning and scrolled through Instagram at 4:37am, like a normal human, I really liked a picture of some words (might as well have been on twitter) that read: Make a list of the things that make you happy. Make a list of things you do every day. Compare the lists. Adjust accordingly.

In the fullest of full disclosure, no lists were made. BUT there is one thing that we do every Monday, Wednesday, Friday that really, really makes me (WE) happy. It is singing old R.Kelly songs with all of you. It is November Project. It is consistent. It is something that we come together to do three times a week. It is a community of positivity that we can count on. It is an accountability system to work harder, to push yourself, to check your every day problems at the bottom step, get POSITIVE, get MOVING, get RACING. This happened today. When person turns to another and says, “race this log?” and the person turns back and says, “fuck yeah,” the day has started strong and in the moment. Those two people aren’t thinking about anything else, they’re there for each other and that log from the top to the bottom, and I am REALLY obsessed with the cool, cool idea that we are all there for each other MWF to do it again and again.


NEXT, but also related TOPIC. TedX friends, since watching (from the stage) my first TedX talk, I have since watched a few more. THANK YOU. One of those talks was by a rower dude named Adam Kreek, who talks about the power and energy released when you push so hard that you push through your own known limit and embrace failure. That is a SERIOUS way to think about a workout. This is something we can ALL do. Our limits may be different from one another’s but they’re certainly not set in stone, and we can push each other to and through them. (If you have like maybe 1 extra minute today consider spending it watching around the 6 minute mark, but if you have 17 minutes, the entire thing is worth checking out.)

AND. Megs. Megan. Megan Marie Murphy. She has the positivity award this week. She runs, she sprints, she runs on sprained ankles and probably sprints on sprained ankles. (No on is advocating running on injuries here.) She’s committed and she’s POSITIVE.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sunrise 6K and Summit. Deets in the vid, peeps.

FRIDAY: Stanton Park #EarnYourWeekend (There will be tagging for Cherry Blossomers)

Last, but not least, if you wanted to practice the words at home for future bounces, that would be okay.

Gimme that toot, toot / Gimme that beep, beep

It’s the remix to Abe Lincoln
Hot and fresh out Meridian
Mama rollin’ those stairs
got every man in here sprintin’
Running those logs and then some
I’m like so what I’m not done
It’s a freakin’ Wednesday
I’m about to have me some fun

Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce

Get RICH (on things that are free like fitness and posi vibes) or die TRYIN’ – Not R.Kelly


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