It’s only the first Friday and already we’re crazy (BAL)

Fridays. Yeah!

The three of us were contemplating this morning how it is we’re going to muster the strength to write a second blog post each week. Collectively we have the linguistic skills of many of the dogs present in Patterson Park this morning, thus getting another coherent post out of the three of us is slightly harder than a kick flip on my razor scooter. Yeah, we scooter.

Fridays are happening though. We’re waking up early, throwing back a couple of shots of Jager ( or whatever it is you fanatics drink at breakfast…”orange juice”) and eating hills for breakfast. Today was just a sunny wonderful day full of sunny wonderful people and one steep hill. Our boy Richard even showed up, despite a bad chest cold, with a glass of what he claims was “v8 splash.” We see you Richard, we see you.


Directions on how to successfully pull off a Friday workout:

–          Wake up, put on spandex, shorts or a camo leotard

–          Slowly pace yourself to meeting location (Corner of E. Baltimore and S.Linwood) in your desired mode of transportation. Preferably old fashion legs or perhaps a razor scooter. #Razorreferences

–          Greet people because people kick ass.

–          Sit down for a long slow breakfast of hill climbs. Don’t forget your napkin…the hills get messy.

–          Eat one of those fucking delicious muffins, baked with oh so much love. You earned it.

We expect you to follow these directions to a T next week. Fridays are waiting. Get the party started early.

Phew, done. Blog post has been completed and I think Pat, Sydney and I might even have enough words left over to order some IPA’s this weekend before our Wii bowling league. Wii bowling is a sport, we don’t care what you say.

Live long and prosper friends. We’ll see you next Wednesday where we’ll teach you everything you need to know about getting optimal sweat coverage when delivering sweaty hugs. #thingstheynevertaughtyouinschool

ALSO!…Better than Bedtime. August 17’th. Theme: Noah’s Ark/ They Came in 2’s. Get a partner and do something weird. Those are your directions, proceed as you wish.

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