A Letter to Jen Ference (YEG)

Jen Ference, why haven’t you returned? Is that still your name? What’s taking so long? Are you really on your honeymoon? Is your husband a real person? Is he even with you? Are you allowed to call it a honeymoon if he isn’t there? How bout you just come back now? Deal! It’ll only take you a few minutes to get on the next flight. And knowing you, you can do anything in a few minutes. Jen, while you were away, a lot has changed. The tribe has grown, and the tribe is stronger. Sorry that you missed it. In case you were wondering, no, that is not my brother that has been showing up, and no, that is not my child. On a side note, apparently only 1 in 4 children understand the words I say. Please see today’s group photo and know that they were all supposed to jump. I need a former teacher’s help. A word of caution, everyone has been figuring out who they will pair with, and what costume they will have when they show up to here for Better Than Bedtime on August 17th at 3pm. Did you know this event only happens once a year and every other tribe in the #NP17 will be doing the exact same thing at the exact same time? Wow, that’s pretty amazing. There have been unconfirmed rumours of spaceships and penguins. We hear you have a great costume idea. I wonder if anyone can outdo your costume.

And one more thing, the tribe is really missing you and they’re probably going to want to see you on Wednesday. I’m fairly certain they will not be happy with me after the workout we are do on Monday at that field by the legislature.

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