Tejon 3000 (DEN)

If there were no pictures taken, did the workout happen? There are no pictures of the steamship hill session that happened this morning in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood. There are, however, pictures of the hardcore plank-off that was *requested* after these hooligans had run hill repeats for 30-minutes.

Two full hill repeats equals one American mile. One ear-to-ear grin while planking equals serenity now. The tribe is fit getting fitter.

Your Lieutenant

Notes for Molly:

  • I haven’t charged Benny’s batteries yet. Livin’ on the edge.
  • Workouts are not the same without my work Blackberry. Freebird.
  • We had another tribe member bleed their own blood. Kathleen is a BAMF.
  • We had newbies who appreciate our social media presence. Hashtag Us.
  • Married Nate showed up wearing a dress shirt and pointy shoes. Stud muffin.
  • We are planning a Pre- gathering to make recruiting papers and eat wild salmon and fresh zucchini bread. I hope you’ll be awake next Thursday Evening (8/14) but don’t tell the tribe yet, we want to hype this wicked hard on Wednesday.

NP5280 Tribal Notes:

  • WEDNESDAY 6:15A: join us at the Civic Center Amphitheater. And/or 5:30A Early Crew.
  • Social Amplitude:
  • Race Everything: NFEC-Madison; RockNRoll-Denver, NFEC-UTAH


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