It’s beginning to look a lot like AWESOME. (Worcester)

This morning was a great one, I mean all Wednesday’s are- but this morning both 5:30 and 6:20 really brought the energy. We even had a few people do doubles today. And the mashup Christmas songs you guys- CAN YOU EVEN STAND IT?

Once upon a time, the 5:30 group used to be a small group of people who had to get to work and couldn’t cut the 6:20, NOW, we have a solid good sized group who shows up each week and means business. 

6:20 still holds strong, but only if you count the heads at the end of the workout and not at the bounce. Especially in the dark, people tend to just come late and blend right in, then once the sun comes up you had no idea half of them were even there. Sneaky! We see you!

In all seriousness, though- The cold and dark months are likely the most difficult to get up and get out the door. You are in a nice warm bed- and if you are Peanut, you have 5 cats and a dog on you. THEN, you spend 20 minutes putting on layers and stepping out in to that frigid air…NOT easy. Not only do you all keep coming back for more, but we are even still getting NEW PEOPLE. We don’t typically get a lot of new interest during these months for reasons listed above, but THE PEOPLE ARE STILL COMING to see what it’s all about. WHY? CAUSE IT’S AWESOME. WE LOVE THIS, WE WANT MORE OF THIS. 

Everyone coming together for this 40 minute workout each week is 40 minutes you can stop thinking about all of the other stresses in your lives, enjoy each others company, and get in some FREE fitness. We look forward to each week for this reason. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING, and let’s carry this momentum through the winter!


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