SNOW DAY (Ottawa)

You know those mornings where the shovel in your trunk becomes your lifeline and saving grace? What about that five pound bag of sand you have shoved underneath the passenger seat for times of road side emergencies.  Moments like these are really only experienced every so often in Ottawa.  They are actually quiet rare, maybe even more rare than seeing our temperature dip below 30. 

However, days like these are often announced early on the radio before you are even ready to roll out of bed.  Why the infamous  snow day is something that all children dream of and most adults dread.  You are encouraged to drive slowly and keep your children at home.   We understand that making it to November Project can be challenging and throwing an additional        20 cm of snow, sleet, ice or rain on top of that adds to the challenge.  We can embrace this challenge by literally #showingup.   While the city is still sleeping in we are inviting you to spend some time rejoicing over the fact that today the conditions will be shit  UNREAL. No snow day is ever the same. 

What is the worst condition that we want people to know that we are still going to be there? Here’s what we know for sure: to earn an official Snow Day badge, YES a snow day badge, schools cancelled the Monday, Tuesday or WEDNESDAY. They are closed because of snow, ice, sleet or freezing rain.  You will have to show up on Wednesday to earn your badge.

Aaahhhhh we can already hear the rumblings of questions like ;

“Lauren what about my kids?”

A couple strategic answers would be bring them with you. You could let them sleep in. Or while your gone ask them to shovel your laneway and your neighbours.


“Liz, what happens if there are no snow days at all this year?”

This is a good one. Because that is a possibility.  Maybe one year there are no snow days, so no badges will be given out.  The commodity of our snow day badge is something that all cities will rival in. A rarity.  You will take even more pride wearing your snow day badge knowing that no other city in the world is as badass as Ottawa #citygoals. Will we get #traverbals to come get this tag?? 

“Lauren how many badges do I get if I show up every other day except the Snow day?” 

Well, none. 


“Liz I live on the Quebec side and they never have snow days so how do I know it’s a snow day?”

Well, you can follow us on social media to be kept up to date on the events of Wednesday morning.  Or know that if Ottawa declares a snow day on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday that week.  It will be a snow day badge day for November Project Ottawa. Design and badges are underway. We will keep you posted! 

This might be the most common reaction to a snow day.  SO WHO’S EXCITED? #bringonthesnow / sleet / freezing rain / snowplough / cancellations / we. still. show. up. 

Here’s to bringing soles together, 

Lauren and Liz


  1. We are on the hill next week. It’s PR day. 
  2. Thursday, 7pm Light Run. Let’s see this beautiful city. 
  3. Get excited about snow badges

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