It doesn’t take a PHD to become a Wizard.- NP_BAL

In fact… Ros was totally fine…this is just how she does crunches. 

A quick note about today and why, after nearly 5 years of November Project Baltimore shenanigans, I still look forward to Wednesday morning like a child looks forward to Christmas morning before they have been beaten down by American consumer culture and black Friday hysteria.

This morning, Kay and I watched over 100 people of varying  ages and backgrounds all agree on one very simple fact…becoming a wizard is indeed better than being stuck as a chicken. 

If you weren’t there this morning, that statement means about as much as it does to any other average human being. BUT, if you did attend the magic that is NP_BAL this morning and somehow managed to ascend the ranks from Egg, to Chicken, to Dinosaur to the clear an obvious pinnacle of WIZARD….we are oh so happy you were there. 

This is all to say, the reason I keep waking up is because, I don’t know about the rest of you people, but my life can always use more “yes” people. Today I watched multiple people with PHDs , doctors and future doctors, masters students, lawyers, and all degrees of amazing people come together and participate in one of the goofiest workouts imaginable. Why? Because why the hell not? Who has time to be serious forever?! While the world needs our dedication and commitment to justice and equality every single day, Wednesday mornings have become a time where it’s ok to just put every ounce of concentration into a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. “Yes, we know you’re probably scheduled to perform brain surgery, but you’ve been a chicken for 20 minutes DALE!”

This is all to say, I appreciate everyone that has made November Project a part of their life, and your willingness to say yes to becoming a wizard at 6:30 in the morning. NP has brought me all variety of enthusiastic, beautiful yes people and it continues to do so every week.  Yeah, sometimes the workouts get goofy and you have to run around pretending you’re a dinosaur doing squats, but I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I hope to have a steady supply of people willing to wake up and do wild things long into my elderly decades, and I hope to always know where to find them. 

As always, thank you for waking up and bringing every ounce of energy you’ve got. 

Wednesdays are still the best. 


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