Introducing the Positivity Award to LA!

You know it is a good day when we star the day off with a herd of newbies who we already love and adore. We embraced them by having them name a vegetable with their names. Problem is there are so many new tribe members who’s names will be remembered as “carrot” or “rutabaga”. Our tribe is like a garden, ready to flourish and smells of fresh fertilizer at the end of each workout. So let’s let it grow. I think the lesson learned here is “Children, remember to always eat your vegetables”.

So after a hearty ounce and warm up run we revisited a tough workout including a bit of racing and some hardcore stamina called the “J-baby”.  Some say it is named after the shape of the course being a serious “j’s”, others say that it is named after the pain one will feel after the workout, making them cry like a baby. Truth is nobody knows the mystery of the name. The course features several different exercises scattered amongst the edge of the bowl ranging from burpees, box jumps, bear crawls and push-up. Oh, and did we mention “the Bitch”? This hill means no joke. Core member Lauren Cortizo commented saying “I thought I was hot shit till I was faced with ‘the Bitch’.” Other core member Vance Philips exclaimed “When I was on my Everest excursion I came across a Sherpa Village who’s towners were certain that ‘the Bitch’ was tougher than any of their simple country roads.” We don’t know how accurate these accusations are but we can say it is tough. With three laps we visited the hill three times knocking the wind out of anyone who dared step foot on her.

"the Bitch"
“The Bitch”…the hill not our members.

DC’er Scott came in hot, finishing the laps first, to then cheer on the other finishers as the crowd grew. High fives exchanged and cheer tunnels built everyone had a smile on their face.

Today, we brought back some goodies from Boston. One of these goodies was the positivity award. A wooden oar handle given to a person who represents utmost positivity, always pushes harder, is badass and all around has a heart that anyone can recognize. So many members show all of these attributes and truly many of you deserve it. Today we award our first positivity award to the most positive of them all, Danielle Kushner. She gives time to everyone and anyone and has the biggest smile while doing it. Danielle treat the baby well.



All in all you kicked-ass, you defeated the “j-baby” and we were excited to see the new fresh new faces that came to the bowl.  As you may remember you have a bit of homework.

HOMEWORK: Bring a friend to Workout Day!   You heard it right! Next Wednesday bring a friend with you to the workout. It can be one, two, or twenty. Stop being greedy and keeping the free workouts to yourselves. It is time to share.

The Tribe is Strong. See you next Wednesday at 6:30am at the Hollywood Bowl. We love you all!


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