Wisconsin Notes: You missed NAKED DAVID.  Shame on you.

This mornings ridiculousness must be acknowledged.  I was sitting in class last night listening to my accounting professor drone on about matching the negative adjustment of earned capital with a positive influx of non fixed speckled-unicorns due to fly out of the barn on a fine Sunday evening, and so I was thinking about what anyone in their right mind would be thinking about – trying to find something funny post to the NP Facebook account about the pending workout. The ol’ leaders group chat with Tom and Derek was buzzing off about announcements for tomorrow – nothing too special, just selling the buffs.  Buffs?  FREE BUFFS?  #InTheBuff? Naked jokes?  Hehehe – that shit is always funny (at least to me, i’m basically in kindergarten).

So being the excellent SOCIAL MEDIA’r that I am I fired off a half assed (or perhaps fully-assed) joke about winning a free buff if you show up to the workout naked, and really didn’t think much of it.

This morning rolls around and I had completely forgotten about my joke, cause who in their right mind would show up in -15 completely naked? Well party people, the answer to that question is now a thing of legend:

Naked David

David does.  David somehow managed to science his way in to thinking that it would be worth it to run out of his car and greet the tribe wearing nothing but an NP buff and those lovely shin length socks.  And damn it, he was right – it was so worth it. Thanks for the chuckle my friend, and happy birthday.

Christina PA

CHRISTINA LAMORTE was completely clothed when she showed up to the workout this morning. We’ll forgive her for that, since the positivity she has been bringing week in and week out for a LONG time now is absolutely incredible.  Biggest smile, biggest laugh, and undoubtedly one of the most enthusiastic tribe members we have – Christina has NP’d in multiple cities and is running and gunning for more.  Easy to talk to, great hug, and spreading the love every week on social – you rock, Christina!


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