Jungle Robots

This morning Ashleigh Voychick introduced herself and welcomed you all to November Project.  And before she got us all nice and warmed up for the jungle workout to come, she provided some wisdom about our NP culture.  A large handful of us set out in the month of January to get fastAF.  We centered this effort around improving our mile time.  Some hit their mark, others fell short.  You could view the results of this mile test in black and white, some succeeded, and some failed.  So, what was Ashleigh’s piece of wisdom?  Simply this:  who gives a shit!  No one cared whether or not you got faster, slower, or stayed the exact same speed (like a robot…).  Victories were celebrated, and failures, yeah, those were celebrated too.  All we cared about, all Ashleigh cared about, was whether or not we put in work, pushed ourselves, and encouraged everyone around us.  We all succeeded, no question.  All we can do with any goal, whether it’s the #milechallenge or a job promotion or math exam or “fill in the blank”, is TRY.  Put in every ounce of effort we have and TRY.  “Failure” is just a part of life, and sure as hell doesn’t have to be negative.  When you show up and put all of yourself into something, regardless of results, you’ve already won.  And if you come to November Project, that effort is all we care about, so #justshowup and TRY.


So, like a pack of wild robots, we entered the jungle, and put in work like machines.  We busted our ass, and man was it worth every ounce of effort.  You never cease to impress us, NPSD #FUCKYEAH


Notes from a robot, or maybe a human.  No clue #TouringTest

#MayhemMondays for the month of February will continue at Model Yacht Pond, aka MotorBoat Pond (insert shaking head, vibrating lips, and some big ‘ol boobies!) 

Keep showing up, keep pushing yourselves, and keep inspiring.  #beHappy #beStrong #beBright


Rachel Naranjo, you are going to CRUSH Surf City this weekend.  We’re all there with you!!

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