Inspire (YEG)

You do more by being present and involved than you’ll ever fully know. Maybe today’s alarm was easy to turn off, maybe your legs felt like cinder blocks going up that hill, perhaps the cat kept you up with its need to play at 2 am, I bet you someone got up because they wanted to beat how far they got on the hill last time, or maybe simply you just wanted to be around a community. Whatever your reason was your presence provides the basis of others to participate too. We all have good days and off days but you are an inspiration regardless.


We are proud of our individual results but we cherish collective accomplishments. We inspire one another with hard work, we lead through our actions, and we support with our words. Nothing less will be tolerated, both at workouts and on online communities/social media.

This attribute of the community agreement, here at NP, seems so deceptively obvious and easy that we can forget that in order to abide by it we need to make conscious choices. Yes we show up but the actions we take while we are at a workout makes a huge impact as well. The high fives and the supporting cheer for example all play a role in how we collectively inspire each other. Don’t get me wrong I know this isn’t a new concept. I’ve even talked about it before in other blogs but it truly does not diminish the message. We are all leaders in our communities and our presence matters to those communities. It’s a reminder that always (at a workout or not) our actions hold meaning for others not just ourselves. I promise this is applicable to every single one of us so take the time to reflect on how you think you are effecting others. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, is a phrase still as true today as it was when you heard it as a toddler.

Have an amazing weekend and get outside while the weather is so nice!!! I’ll see you monday 🙂

Keep being awesome,



  • Buffs are for sale – 5$ exact change and only one buff per person
  • Monday – End of Steel Park (the train)
  • Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill
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